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So with the big move to South Beach just around the corner, I’ve been thinking a lot about the decor of our new home.  We have an amazing exposed brick wall (something I’ve always lusted after), wood floors, and wood beams above the dining area.  The apartment doesn’t need much to look pulled together since it isn’t exactly an empty white box a la every New York apartment I’ve ever had.

I’ve always envied people who live sans clutter and so in our new space, I’m trying to downsize on the tchotchkes and create a calming space with simply designed white furniture and little pops of color here and there.

With that said, Ziggy has more bright, ugly, poorly designed crap than all of us combined.  Why don’t they make more design friendly doggie stuff for the style conscious among us?  Well I started looking into it and it turns out there are some great options out there.

I picked up this chic little doggie bed from See Scout Sleep, a brand that has been getting quite a bit of blog love recently for their clean designs that come in all different sizes depending on your pooch.  One side has chevrons (obviously!) and the other has delicately drawn crab, perfect for our new beachside digs!

It’d be a lot easier to tolerate toys all over the place if more of them looked like this!  Plus Z would love to chew on this little guy (made by nylabone).

via dog milk

Lastly, I’d like to cover feeders.  So many of them are designed for people who’ve named their dogs things like ‘princess’ or ‘shnuggles’.  Ziggy don’t play like that.  He likes modern design too.  So while I have simple black bowls from Bauer, this chalkboard feeder would fit right in at our apartment too.

via dog milk

For the record, Ziggy totally picked these items out himself.

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