color combination: indigo & plum

I used to favor much more girly colors {and I often still do}, but now that I live with a boy I feel like it’s about time I get on board with some more sophisticated color schemes.  I think indigo & plum are the perfect balance!  Together they make up such a romantic, moody, and all around chic color combination.  Here are some of my most favorite indigo & plum items…

1| alexa chung via hanneli 2| kari herer botanical print 3| pastels via pinterest 4|tie-dye clutch via scoutandcatalogue 5| rag + bone newbury booties via shopbop 6| navy brush stroke via these things take time 7| plum outfit via a well traveled woman 8| silver foil dream print via keep calm gallery 9| perfectly rumpled bedding via haute design 10| indigo & plum outfit via 11| indigo shells via little blue deer

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