{how to} white & orange thanksgiving centerpiece from LIVING FRESH

I met Tina of Living Fresh while taking a class through Holly Becker’s Decor8.  I’m excited to say she is one of the first blogger friends I’ve made on this journey!  Her floral arrangements never fail to amaze me and if I ever make it to Ontario I’ll be the first person waiting in line to sign up for one of her classes at the Living Fresh Flower School.

I was thrilled when Tina accepted my offer to design a special Thanksgiving centerpiece for Chevrons & Stripes readers!  I know it’s a little late in the game for Thanksgiving seeing as it’s today but if you’re at a loss for table decor this might provide a little inspiration – otherwise use it as an excuse to throw an end of Fall soiree!  Follow Tina’s simple how to’s to create your own version of this gorgeous arrangement.

Tina’s White & Orange Centerpiece

 materials used: 9 to 12 white ‘polar star’ roses, floral utility container, instant oasis foam, assorted picks and sprays {1 brown eucalyptus pick, 2 berry and pomegranate mixed sprays, 8 mini pomegranate picks}

 Step 1: Soak oasis foam in water.  Once fully saturated with water place foam in utility container.  Secure foam to container with waterproof tape.


Step 2: Cut rose stems with stem cutters or a floral knife.  The best length to cut the stems for this look is 4 to 5″ long.  Inset stems into floral foam immediately after cutting.

Step 3: Once roses are all inserted add the pomegranate picks.

Step 4: Using wire cutters, cut the eucalyptus pick into different length pieces, 3 to 6″ long is good.  Insert into arrangement, use some to fill in holes between roses.  Place some pieces around the rim of the container to hide the container from view.

Step 5: Cut the berry sprays with wire cutters into 5 or 6″ lengths and insert into arrangement around the roses to fill in holes and add depth to the arrangement.  And you’re done!

 Thank you so much Tina for sharing! And please be sure to visit Tina’s blog over at Living Fresh for a daily dose of floral inspiration.

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  • Tina Riddell – Living Fresh

    Happy Thanksgiving Sarah and thank you for sharing my work! So glad we connected in the BYW class!

  • Rebecca D’Amato

    ooo i love it! I love her blog. If I could make it to Ontario with you I would attend a class:) Hope your thanksgiving was awesome!

  • http://www.stillpluslife.com Lauren

    This was a great idea for a blog exchange! Hop[e you had a wonderful holiday!

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