{inspired by} michelle armas

I’ve loved the work of artist Michelle Armas for a long, long time.  I check her shop almost weekly but have never actually gone through with a purchase yet because I’m always worried a better one will come along {and it always does}! Plus I need to save up because I want a super big one for above my couch someday.

Typically I prefer her soft, floaty works like this one but these bright bad boys just spoke to me today!  I’m so inspired by the mix of bright punchy colors with soft lilacs and baby blues.  PS they have the most fun names like Wibbly, Nibbly, Scribbly, and last but not least, My Crush. And since they’re only 18 x1 18 they’re not at all bank-breaking.  Okay so we’ve established they’re practically perfect – now go buy one!

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  • http://aandbstyle.com Rebekah

    I was not aware of this artist before, but she’s really great. Thanks for sharing.

    - From a fellow BYW’er

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