plant the future

I’ve always had a bit of an obsession with terrariums.  There’s something so fascinating about the exotic green little worlds that exist within them – plus they’re super easy to maintain, usually only needing water or an ice cube once a month {which means even I probably can’t kill them}!  So you can imagine my excitement when we stumbled upon Plant the Future at this past months Art Walk.

Plant the Future by Paloma Teppa is set up more like a gallery than your average florist, which is fitting because her arrangements are truly living works of art.  She combines succulents and air plants with white animal figurines, kid robot toys, and even jewelry!  In addition, she’ll add a butterfly pupa scheduled to hatch a few days after your arrangement comes home.

I revisited Plant the Future again a few days ago on the hunt for a unique gift and snapped some pics so you guys could get a feel for how amazing these pieces are.  My mind is definitely blown – enjoy!

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