sea of green

As promised yesterday, my winning layout…  Nothing all that fancy here folks so don’t get your hopes up too high!  I wanted to keep it simple and stick to stuff I know since we only had 30 minutes to gather our images and throw a little something together. Thus, my easy-peasy green roundup.  Since it was such a crowd pleaser yesterday I thought I might as well toss it up here on the blog.  Hope you’re not too sick of sea-foam yet {I’ve been really into it recently as you can see}!

 1| frida plumm pocket note set, 2| jenna sue city of madison map, 3| painted ice cream {please help me if you know the proper origins of this image!}, 4| anthropologie teal whisk, 5| minty girl, 6| jonathan adler british flag throw

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  • Nikki Rappaport

    So lovely. This is such a refreshing shade of green this time of year! Love the JA rug too.

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