I know I’ve written about See Scout Sleep several times already {most recently for her puppy portraits here} but I just had to share Katie’s finished portrait of our pup Ziggy.  She did such a fantastic job turning this….

into this…

She even turned one of the stripes from our bedding into a pattern from an African belt to represent his Jamaican ‘heritage’!  We love it so much and I just wanted to give Katie another shout out for her amazing work – pick yours up here.

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  • http://www.advo-kate.com Kate

    omg that is the best – ever. I so want to get one done of my pup. How fun ! Love your Ziggy :)

  • http://theglossarie.com/ lara / the glossarie.

    omg what kind of dog is ziggy?! he looks like a little bear! i think i love him.

    • Anonymous

      ziggy is a mini goldendoodle (so a golden/poodle mix) and he is totally our little bear! we love him to pieces :)

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