heart party

With Valentine’s Day in the foreseeable future, I thought it apropos to finally start posting about hearts!  Shouldn’t there be more holidays that revolve around the heart motif?  I’m sure this won’t be the last ‘love’ themed roundup you’ll see over here pre-V day but hopefully there’s a little something in here for everyone (I’ve tried to hit price points on every level)!

1| ban.do heart, 2| dip-dye ‘thunder in our hearts’ tote,  3| ‘heart on your sleeve’ mittens, 4| love necklace, 5| heart pocket mirror, 6| heart mug,  7| bianca hall ‘rubbish without you’ print, 8| lady gaga x barneys sunglasses (sold out – similar here), 9| rifle paper floral heart print, 10| heart needlepoint pillow, 11| gold heart stickers

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