the brooklyn home co.

Back in 2012 Design*Sponge featured the home of Fitzhugh Karol and Lindsey Caleo. The moment I saw it it became my dream home – you know, the one you aspire to forever and ever?  The duo, a woodworker and jewelry designer, are also the couple behind the Brooklyn Home Company, an amazing resource for anyone looking to remodel their Brooklyn abode.

All of their work is pretty amazing but their own home remains my favorite and I have it bookmarked for whenever I need a little dose of inspiration.  The stark white palette, live edge accents, and barn wood door never fail to leave me lusting for a place just like theirs – no matter how many times I come across it.  I thought of it again last night when Colleen of There Comes A Yes tweeted about it, making me realize I had never shared it with you all.  So I’d love to know, do any of you have a dream home?  And if so, please share!

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