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My 2012 New Years resolution has been to change my diet and choose healthier options during meal time and mid-day snacking.  Instead of munching on crackers during the day, I’d love to try these Kale chips (which people claim are just as tasty).  I’m also one of those people who absolutely needs a sweet treat at the end of the day – don’t those yogurt covered strawberries look delicious? Without further ado, here are some of my favorite recipes that I’ve been dying to try!  Find all these and more on my food-themed pinterest board here.

1| crispy kale chips via once upon a chef, 2| eggplant chips with cucumber dip via rawmazing, 3| spicy broccolini quinoa salad via design*sponge, 4| grilled zucchini pizza via kalyn’s kitchen, 5| fruity peanut butter yogurt dip via the wannabe chef, 6| yogurt dipped strawberries via glamour

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  • Rebecca D’Amato

    ooo I love this idea of eating the yogurt covered strawberries. I must try! I have a sweet tooth also!

  • Shannon Darrough

    I just made the kale chips … HUGE HIT… getting the hubs to eat veggies is a battle! Thank you!

  • Shannon Darrough

    P.S. I love your new picture! Is this your headshot?!?

    • Anonymous

      not a headshot but we had a professional photographer come shoot our place last week and she took a few pics of me and Ziggy. I was in dire need of a new about me photo so I’m glad to have a few to choose from that I liked!

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