brass beauties

There’s nothing I love more than a little bit of sparkle in my home and brass is one of the easiest ways to achieve the look.  In fact, we’re even using some brass and copper in a new line we’re releasing as an offshoot of Aroc Urtu {I’ll share as soon as we get a chance to shoot the new pieces}!

With the skyrocketing price of gold, these materials are becoming widely accepted as quality metal alternatives in jewelry, home decor, and so much more.  I’m seriously debating purchasing those gorgeous binoculars to peek across Biscayne Bay and spy on the celebs on Star Island  watch the dolphins swim by!

1| pendant, 2| peacock shoehorn, 3| brass & horn cups, 4| binoculars,  5| turtle shell tray, 6| sunburst mirror, 7| brass bowls set, 8| quartz side table

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  • Rldamato

    hahah. loved the binocular comment. I SO would be spying;)

  • Alex

    I’m obsessed with that turtle tray from high street market! turtles are my favorite animals!

  • Shannon Darrough

    Those horn cups are the very definition of classic — every guy needs at least one somewhere in his office!

  • Aja Lake [the gold hat.]

    that turtle shell tray is beautiful! brass + copper paired with matte black + worn leather are one of my personal faves for interiors. the combo makes for some of the most comfy masculine/glam spaces.

    Aja Lake
    the gold hat.

  • Grace Atwood

    Gorgeous round-up – I LOVE the brass bowls!!!

  • Teri Roughen

    pretty! i’m looking for a few things to spruce up my house a bit for a photo shoot. these would be nice touches! Teri

  • Ashleybglover

    That sunbrust mirror is just what I have been looking for to spruce up my studio apartment! Thanks for posting this!!

  • Lisa @ Elembee, Etc

    I LOVE that turtle tray!

  • Rachel

    Ooh these brass beauties are all gorgeous! How lovely is that light fitting? + I do love that turtle tray! xx

  • The Zhush

    Love your picks…as per usual!

  • Alexa

    Would love any and all of these in my home! :) xo

  • Phoebz

    I literally almost bought that sunburst mirror on One Kings Lane this week!! great minds as always.

  • Alyson — TAGG

    Gorgeous pics! In our new home I’m so torn between the luxurious feel of gold/brass and the modern feel of silver. Can’t decide which way to go more!

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