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Welcome to week three of the it list!  Whaddya guys think so far? Are you enjoying hearing about other bloggers fave finds? I know I am… I’m ashamed to admit I didn’t even know what Houzz was until Shannon introduced me in week one {and I consider myself to be something of an internet addict AND an interior design addict}.

This week I want to introduce you to Lara Ramos, the makeup maven behind the beauty blog The Glossarie.  Lara and I met thru the twitterverse and I’ve loved following along on her journeys from perusing trade shows to testing a new beauty product that we should all already know about but don’t.  Best of all? My beauty regimen totally jives with her vibe – that is, natural with a bit of a girly edge.  Be sure to head over to Lara’s site {if you haven’t already – this gal’s quite popular} for your daily dose of glam and enjoy her it list picks!

1| ms. palermo, 2| a. & b. anthropologie, c. zgallerie, 3| garden roses, 4| newburyport, MA, 5| bloglovin’

6| meg biram, 7| the fray, 8| asparagus risotto & chocolate peanut butter cups with sea salt, 9| lessons of a lipstick queen

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