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Having studied art history and fine arts for four years as an undergrad, I’ve amassed quite a collection of favorites: Cy Twombly, Frank Stella, Elizabeth Peyton, just to name a few.  But it wasn’t until after school that I began seeking out lesser known artists, each with their own unique perspective and technique.

These days, there’s nothing I love more than hunting down artists with little etsy or personal web shops.  The list could go on forever but lately I’ve been all about abstracts.  Here’s the short list of my current favorites.  If you’ve been looking for the perfect piece to complete your home, here’s hoping you find something among these talented folks!

p.s. apologies for the lack of post yesterday, I’ve got some big news coming your way in the next several weeks!

sally king benedict | james nares | yangyang pan | britt bass | claire desjardins | michelle armas | shane mcadams | caroline wright

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  • http://twitter.com/nikkirap Nikki Rappaport

    Oh wow, these are all so gorgeous! We totally have the same taste in art. Thanks for sharing!

  • http://elembee.com/ Lisa // Elembee, Etc

    I just discovered Caroline Wright not too long ago, love her work. Have you seen the Lines Ballet pieces? Those are my favorite. Also love the Shane McAdams, thanks for the introduction! Absolutely stunned when I clicked over and saw that piece was done with a ballpoint pen!

  • Mackenzie {Design Darling}

    Umm seriously…all my favorites in one post! Genius.

  • http://styletherapytx.blogspot.com/ Erica Bracken

    I can’t decide between the Sally King Benedict and the Shane McAdams! Gorgeous!

    • http://www.chevronsandstripes.com/ sarah | chevrons & stripes

      I know, it’s tough to choose right?

  • http://www.theshortandthesweetofit.com/ Alexa

    Love love the abstract paintings and all of the colors!

  • http://myhereandnowlife.blogspot.com/ Jessica

    love all of these artists! I have had my eye on the Caroline Wright piece for a while… LOVE

    • http://www.chevronsandstripes.com/ sarah | chevrons & stripes

      ME. TOO. sadly I have no room. Send me a pic if you end up buying/hanging it!

      • http://myhereandnowlife.blogspot.com/ Jessica

        Um, yea that’s the problem… just downsized, and as it is my art is already wallpapering the walls!

  • Elizabeth

    Love this post! I want the Shane McAdams piece!

  • http://www.stonetextilestudio.com/ Elizabeth

    Love this post! I want the Shane McAdams piece!

  • Shannon Vincent Nelson

    I’ve been on the hunt for some modern art for our new home, and I really appreciate this post!

    • http://www.chevronsandstripes.com/ sarah | chevrons & stripes

      glad I could help! Let me know if and what you end up investing in!

  • Niki

    love this post sara! you are awesome. and can’t wait for your big news!

  • http://stayinthelines.blogspot.com/ Jaclyn

    So beautiful. I miss my art history classes, but this has definitely inspired me to seek out new artists. Love the Shane Mcadams piece.

    Stay in the Lines

    • http://www.chevronsandstripes.com/ sarah | chevrons & stripes

      isn’t it gorgeous? this and a lot of his other work is created solely with ball point pens. mind bogling… ps your site is adorable!

  • LaurenMcCrory

    I love your blog! It is fabulous! All of the artists above are so so talented. I am an abstract artist and I’m on etsy. I am trying to get my work out there…(hard to do) :) I’d love it if any of you would check out my work and tell me what you think! http://www.etsy.com/shop/laurenmccrory. honest opinions welcome!

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