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Happy Monday again everyone! Today’s pattern play is all about geodes and finding pattern in nature.  The first image is from artist Keetra Dean Dixon who creates mind-blowingly amazing sculptures from carved wax that almost perfectly mimic the intricate layers of stone found when you slice open a geode {yes I do know all about slicing geodes because we made these earrings!}  Her work most definitely deserves it’s own post but until then, be sure to visit her site because it’s truly fascinating.

The image on the right comes from the outside of a cell phone case by designer Weston.  Weston uses hi-res magnified images of scanned rocks and minerals to capture ‘the raw beauty of nature’ – which they then print on cell phone cases, scarves, and journals.  This agate case is by far my favorite but click on through to see the full collection.

1| ‘I’ve been thinking of you for a while’ by FromKeetra, 2| West Agate iPhone Case

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  • Teri Roughen

    I love that agate! very Kelly Wearstler. Happy Monday. Are you back from NYC?

  • SarahRoads

    Gorgeous! Nature always makes my favorite patterns!

  • Alexa

    Oh gorgeous….love the colors!

  • Lisa @ Elembee, Etc

    So beautiful! I love the way the colors come together.

  • Albertina Cisneros

    What interesting textures. Love the colors and your presentation.

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