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This week’s it list is a super special one to me.  I went to undergrad with this gal and our friendship has continued to evolve and grow throughout the years.  In fact, she introduced me to my fiancé.  True story!

A couple of years ago, Jack started her own handbag line. Think sumptuous leathers, unique hardware, studs, etc. {They are seriously gorgeous and I plan on dedicating an entire post to them in the near future so stay tuned!} In the process, her blog Wasted Talent was born.  I find the title seriously ironic because her talents could not be put to better use – she truly is a Jack of all trades.  Jack uses her site as an expression of her love for high fashion, glossy editorials, in addition to fun recipes – make sure to visit and enjoy her it list picks!

1| emanuelle alt, 2| a. j.crew, b. jack germain handbags, c. restoration hardware, 4| NYC, 5| scientific illustration tumblr
6| hedi slimane, 7| the beach boys, 8| deviled eggs & liquor soaked berries
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  • Will @ Bright.Bazaar

    100% MAG ADDICT as well! :)

  • Elisa

    Her bags are amazing! Thank you so much for the intro, she is clearly very talented!

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