what do you collect?

My parents have always been big collectors – from art glass, to bakelite, cornishware, murano paperweights, and lionel toy trains – you name it, they collect it.  I’ve never been much for the whole process – that is until I saw this image of milk glass from High Street Market the other day.  Now this, I can definitely get on board with.  If you don’t have the patience to search around for bits and pieces, I’ve rounded up a few great, summery, pre-curated collections I spotted on Jayson Home.  I think I’ll start working on hunting down my milk glass but if you go for these, I promise not to call you a cheater.  And in the meantime, if you do collect something, I’d love to know what – do share!

1| sun-bleached turtle shells, 2| bottle vases, 3| maple, walnut, & leather cutting boards, 4| petite magnifiers, 5| turquoise tealights
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  • http://pinterest.com/vinaya_lara Vinaya

    I collect pins. A “condo-sized” collection if you will.

  • http://pinterest.com/vinaya_lara Vinaya

    ETA: I collect pins (on my pinterest account). A “condo-sized” collection if you will.

  • http://www.shopsweetthings.com Shop Sweet Things with Jeanne

    Ok, this is embarrassing, I have a little collection of macaroon boxes going on. They’re so pretty I don’t want to throw away yet I don’t really know what to do with it. They’re just sitting pretty in my kitchen cabinet right now.

  • http://twitter.com/beach_citylife Teri Roughen

    I wish I could be a collector but I hate dusting and clutter. So I only collect fashion and interior design books (coffee table books if you will) along with a pretty extensive magazine collection. I think that’s enough collecting for me. Teri

  • http://myhereandnowlife.blogspot.com/ Jessica

    I try not to collect too many things (simplicity is bliss in my books), but have recently gotten into collecting pretty vinyl records. At least they are pretty and functional (aid in me getting my groove on!)

  • Will @ Bright.Bazaar

    Love the leather cutting boards. I don’t collect one thing more just lots of trinkets! :)

  • Lisa // Elembee, Etc

    LOVE those turquoise tealights. I collect owls, and by collect, I mean people keep giving them to me. But I love them, so it’s great!

  • http://www.theshortandthesweetofit.com/ Alexa

    Love those turquoise tea lights. How gorgeous!

  • http://www.globetrottinginheels.com/ Elisa

    I don’t really collect anything, but I do love candles, and candlesticks, and candle holders, and tealights, and all that. I also love pretty vases. I don’t have that many, I hate hoarding stuff, but I did add 4 glasse vases of vasrious styles and color to my little collection just two weeks ago :-)

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  • http://theglossarie.com/ lara / the glossarie.

    my mom collects milk glass! her most recent acquisition is a punch bowl and cups – so pretty.

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