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Remember this post from a while back?  Well I’ve been lying in bed sick with a wretched cold and cough for the past three days and after making my way through every semi-decent tv show and movie (ok lies, I watched some pretty embarassingly bad tv too), I started day dreaming about all the things I’d rather be doing and knew it was time to bring it back.  Anything you wish you were doing today instead of your current situation?  Fill me in please, it’s all I got goin’ on today!

a| Herbert List, Master and Dog, Portofino, Italy, 1936 b| prosecco sparkler c| summer pasta salad

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  • Teri Roughen

    sorry you’re not feeling well. get better soon. Teri

  • Jessica Shia

    aww get better soon! Today I’d rather be at the beach OR poolside, with a Miami Vice in one hand :)

    That pasta salad looks really good! Have you made it?

  • Gabrielle | Savvy Home

    Lovely post! This would make a great series :) Sorry to hear you’re not feeling so well… Get better soon! X

  • Daun Curry

    Although NYC is especially nice today, I think I’d rather be beachside with the family today. Get better soon!

  • Lisa // Elembee, Etc

    I wouldn’t mind a day (or two or three) at the beach. Feel better soon! You’ll see on my blog tomorrow what I’d rather be doing, but here’s a sneak peek:

  • Nikki Rappaport

    Bacon/avocado pasta sounds awesome! Hope you feel better soon…it should be illegal to be sick in the summer!

  • Shop Sweet Things with Jeanne

    Aww, lady, I hope you feel better! That sparkler sounds so refreshing, will need to try that one of these days!

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