#101 goals in 1001 days

A few months ago Mackenzie and I were chatting and somehow her idea of tackling 101 goals in 1001 days came up.  I’d been thinking about the best way to hold myself accountable for accomplishing some of the things I just never seem to get around to doing and she encouraged me to make my own 101 list.  I mulled over it for about a week before I actually started writing, and while I still haven’t come up with 101 (which is way more difficult than I thought it would be), I feel like I’m ready to start cracking on the 85 I have set before me.  In fact, I’ve already crossed a few of these bad boys off the list!

Now don’t get me wrong, this is not a bucket list (that’s a completely different beast that includes things like going on safari).  This is a list of things, some of which I’ve even done before but would like to do again, that I think I can realistically accomplish in just under three years. And I’m excited about it!

So now I’d love to know, if you had a 101 list (and maybe you do!) what would a few of your goals be? Even if they’re not super lofty, I’m interested! I mean, learning to mix a cocktail is on mine…

1. learn to dance for my wedding
2. take interior design classes (became a full-time student @ NYSID) JUNE 2012
3.  perfect one song on the guitar
4. re-read one of the “classics”  (the great gatsby) JUNE 2012
5. finish one of my knitting projects
6. find a mentor
7. do my first DIY project
8. learn to mix a real cocktail (one that has more than two ingredients)
9. learn to make pasta from scratch
10. take a flower arranging class
11. teach ziggy a trick without evan’s help (taught high-five with two paws) APRIL 2012
12. drive on a major highway (yes I’m a new driver and this terrifies me)
13. contribute a regular column to a blog I admire
14. attend ALT summit
15. finally take the plunge and create a facebook page for C&S MAY 2012
16. re-learn how to use my camera (not on automatic)
17. get blog content up to twice a day instead of once
18. re-launch my blog with a custom design (hired Gadabout to re-design) MAY 2012
19. host a design contest/competition on C&S
20. optimize the blog and learn about SEO
21. learn enough HTML to make small changes to the site on my own
22. set up a poll to get more insight into what readers want to see on C&S
23. collaborate even in the smallest way with a brand I love (guest blogged for Rue La La) JULY 2012
24. go through each post and tag things for organizational purposes
25. make ten new friends
26. help a friend solve a problem
27. volunteer at a soup kitchen
28. donate old clothes to dress for success
29. sign up for big brother/big sister
30. surprise evan with something special
31. hang for an afternoon with friends leaving iphone at home
32. host a party inviting friends to bring another friend no one knows
33. set two friends up on a blind date
34. tell a stranger to have a nice day every day for at least week
35. introduce myself to my neighbors
36. donate money to a friend’s charitable cause
37. raise money for 826 NY by playing scrabble for cheaters again!
38. plan a surprise party for a friend
39. declutter my closet
40. organize the blogs I read into a reader MAY 2012
41. create a database of all my contacts
42. clean out our kitchen and get rid of old pans, chipped dishes etc. 
43. wander around Governor’s Island
44. spend a day outside painting
45. host a murder mystery dinner party 
46. explore and discover Chelsea art galleries that I haven’t been to before
47. go to Brimfield for the antique show
48. attend a weekend long music festival  (jazzfest in new orleans) APRIL 2012
49. go on a roadtrip 
50. have a picnic in central park
51. take a day trip in the new york area
52. rent kayaks one day over the summer
53. go to the top of the empire state building
54. be part of a flash mob
55. camp out in the front or back of the beach house with Evan & Ziggy
56. organize a city wide scavenger hunt for our friends
57. send a message in a bottle
58. go to a double feature
59. go on a staycation (the standard, miami) MAY 2012
60. host a game night
61. go to coney island
62. go for high tea at the plaza MAY 2012
63. go apple picking
64. go sailing on the hudson river
65. walk across the brooklyn bridge
66. run a 5k
67. eat and cook homemade meals every night for one week
68. take vitamins regularly
69. follow through with a cleanse
70. develop an exercise regimen
71. take a yoga class
72. take up tennis again
73. try a pilates class
74. start a collection
75.  find a wedding dress I love
76. host a big holiday dinner
77. grow herbs on our windowsill
78. design a space that isn’t my own
79. grow a freelance business
80. move back to NYC MAY 2012
81. have something (anything) published in a book
82. make my own terrarium
83.  paint a wall in our next apartment
84. find a new couch (i’m very picky, haha)

[images via 1, 2, 3, carrie bradshaw’s closet, 5, 6, 7]

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  • http://www.theyuppiefiles.com/ The Yuppie Files

    I made a 30 before 30 list which included all these things I had wanted to do but never got around to. I love the idea of these types of things b/c it makes you actually think about doing them!

    Good luck, can’t wait to see what all you accomplish!

  • http://twitter.com/mackenziehoran Mackenzie Horan

    YAY!!! I cannot even tell you how excited this makes me. Please count me in for Brimfield and a host of other tasks! See you next week! xx

  • http://etallison.wordpress.com/ Allison

    This is amazing! I bookmarked it to reference if and when I decide to set similar goals for myself… Good luck to you accomplishing everything!

  • http://doogen.wordpress.com/ Duyen

    Great idea and a great list! I noticed that you wanted to organize with a Big Brother/Big Sister type of organization and I work for a non-profit called iMentor that would be a great fit for you! We pair you one on one with a high school student to help them graduate and go on to college. You communicated mostly through email–tech savvy–and meet once a month. Check it out and let me know!


    Love your blog!

    • http://www.chevronsandstripes.com/ sarah | chevrons & stripes

      my friend Essie works for iMentor! Do you know her?

  • http://thejessjournals.blogspot.com/ Jess

    I want to go to Alt Summit too! :) And I have quite a few similar goals…maybe I should do a list too :)

  • Alyssa Longobucco

    What a great list! I think it’s awesome your setting goals for even the littlest accomplishments for yourself–you’ve inspired me to do the same!


  • twentyonetwo

    I love your list- very inspiring! My goal is to make it to Alt Summit too! Are you thinking of going in 2013?


  • Elizabeth / Stone Textile

    Love your list! What a great concept….you have inspired me to try this too!

  • http://www.dreamsandjeans.com/ Alex

    feeling the pressure to make my own list! love how you organized it!

  • http://www.channelingcontessa.com/ Sarah

    I love this list! I definitely share the goal of Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, and need to make a list of my own soon. I hope you’re enjoying your time back in the city!

  • Em [pushups with polish]

    ummmm I love your blog! i am so happy i found it through the readership class last night :) whoever designed it did an amazing job! i used to be a swimmer but i also have the goal to run a 5K too! :)

    xxo em

  • http://bambilulu.blogspot.com/ Genevieve

    Love this idea! and your categories – thanks for inspiring me to make my own list :)

  • Ali ( A Dash of Details)

    what a great list of goals! It makes me want to make myself accountable for all of the goals I always set for myself in the beginning of the year.
    xo- Ali

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  • goldandspice.blogspot.com

    I love this idea! I think I’m going to personalize a list for myself, thanks for the inspiration!

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  • http://lisabrowndesign.blogspot.com/ LisaBrownDesign

    Awesome list! I think I might borrow a few of your ideas. I’m actually making a new list of my own, and am inviting others to add their list to the site, and (unltimately) inspire a more people to make their own lists. :) Feel free to add your list at the bottom linky at http://lisabrowndesign.blogspot.com/2013/01/what-do-you-want-to-do-before-you-die.html :)

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