happy weekend!

I was supposed to be en route to Florida for a wedding this weekend but because I’ve been sick since last sunday, I decided to cancel my flight and spare everyone from catching this icky bug I’ve come down with. Instead I’ll be joining my parents at their beach house for the weekend, as it’s always nice to be taken care of when you don’t feel well. If anything good has come of being bored in bed all week, it’s that I’ve whipped up quite a few new posts for you all (turns out being sick is highly productive). I may even pop in over the weekend for a bonus post – a true rarity around here!

In the meantime, the C&S facebook page is still so new and could use a few more friends to liven up the party. Won’t you join me over there as well? I’m planning to use the page as a place to share unique content that won’t necessarily be featured on the blog, so don’t miss out!

Have fun this weekend friends!

[image / j.crew]

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  • Viviana Carmona

    So are you in NYC already?! I think we must get together once you’re nursed back to health ;) Have a restful weekend! xo

    • http://www.chevronsandstripes.com/ sarah | chevrons & stripes

      Yes I’m here, I’m here! Classes for my interior design program start next week so it might be a little hectic but I’m fully free beyond that. Let’s take this convo to email so we can make a plan ;) Can’t wait!

  • http://twitter.com/beach_citylife Teri Roughen

    Hope you feel better. I’ve joined you on FB too! Teri

    • http://www.chevronsandstripes.com/ sarah | chevrons & stripes

      thanks teri! you’re such a reliable blog bud ;)

  • Keely

    I hope you feel better! I am headed over to join you on facebook! I’m kind of new here and love it!

    • http://www.chevronsandstripes.com/ sarah | chevrons & stripes

      thanks Keely, so glad to have you!

  • http://theglossarie.com/ lara / the glossarie.

    gave the fb page a little like love! feel better quick, quick :)

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