let’s go glamping!

If you read my list of #101goalsin1001days list last week, you may have noticed #35 (camp out in front or back of the beach house with Evan & Ziggy). So here’s the deal, while the whole notion of camping definitely holds allure for me, I’m not exactly the  rustic type. It’s not that I wouldn’t give it a try but camping out on the beach, feet from my own house, sounds infinitely more appealing. It’s like a commitment free adventure! So I’ve been thinking, wouldn’t it be fun to go glamping?! Much more my speed I think…

1| futé design tent, 2| swanson red wine,  3| stereoluxe dock, 4| kissing stags sleeping bag, 5| good old fashioned hershey’s s’mores, 6| dwell studio portable grill, 7| gallant & jones sling chair, 8| travel scrabble deluxe, 9| dwell studio x pendleton throw, 10| hanging lantern

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  • Samantha

    i definitely have glamping on my bucket list — so much fun! :) xx

  • http://twitter.com/mackenziehoran Mackenzie Horan

    THAT TENT! I didn’t know I needed one until I saw it. Seriously awesome.

  • http://www.extraordinarywonders.com/ Becca Atwood

    This looks like my kind of camping – love calling it glamping!
    I completely agree with Mackenzie – that tent is AMAZING!

  • Allyson Fulcher

    Glamping sounds wonderful!

  • http://thejessjournals.blogspot.com/ Jess

    Glamping is much more my style, too. LOL Love that sleeping bag!! That alone makes me wanna go glamping…haha

  • http://profiles.google.com/thenowstylebook Annie Wilbert

    Haha glamping!! I’d rather have this set up much more than being with the RHOC! I love that tent!!!!!

  • http://domestikatedlife.com/ Kate

    Okay, this could convince me to go camping… it’s very Troop Beverly Hills!

  • Ashley Fine

    Great post! I’ve loved the “glamping” term since I heard it used on RHOC. I’m all for “glamping” if it looks like this:)

  • http://twitter.com/rach_adele rachael adele

    i wouldn’t mind that tent in my home. how cool is that?

  • http://elembee.com/ Lisa // Elembee, Etc

    I think I could handle camping in a tent like that.

  • http://www.theyuppiefiles.com/ The Yuppie Files

    Thanks to Real Housewives of the OC, I now know what glamping is (don’t judge!). And I think its about the only type of camping I could get behind!

  • http://twitter.com/nikkirap Nikki Rappaport

    haha glamping! That’s great. I don’t know if I’ll ever sleep in a sleeping bag again, but that one is so darn cute.

  • http://twitter.com/hopscotchgrace Rachel

    Ok, now this sounds way more fun than traditional camping + that tent looks almost luxurious! xx

  • http://www.stonetextilestudio.com/ Elizabeth

    I am in! My kind of camping….love the tent you found…have fun!

  • Viviana Carmona

    That sleeping bag is the cutest!

  • Aja Lake [the gold hat.]

    that kissing stag stuff from anorak is super cute! nice find, sarah.

    Aja Lake
    the gold hat.

  • the egg.

    i need all of these things in my next of the woods!
    thanks for sharing :)

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