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Though I spend a good chunk of my free time year-round with my nose in a book, come summer it feels like I fly through my list of recommendations even more quickly than usual. I’ve come to depend less and less on New York Times bestsellers (don’t you feel like the list just gets trashier by the day?) and sadly don’t live as close to my favorite indie bookstore McNally Jackson, whose recommended reading list I could ALWAYS rely on.  So that’s where you come in! What’s on your summer reading roster? I re-read a couple of the classics and am now moving on to The Paris Wife, but beyond that I’m a little lost… I’d love compile a list of everyone’s current favorites or what they’re most looking forward to starting. Promise to share them here next week!

P.S. Elle Decor put together a roundup of 17 gorgeous decorative bookends (including the four above), I highly recommend you check them out if only to ogle…


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  • Gaby

    Got to check out the entire list, those bookends are stunning!

  • Jess // Curating Style

    I just finished reading By Invitation Only, which was great – a quick, fun read. Right now on my shelf I have What We Talk about When We Talk about Anne Frank, Women from the Ankle Down: The Story of Shoes and How They Define Us, French Kids Eat Everything, and The $100 Startup waiting to be read.

    Looking forward to bookmarking this to see what others recommend!

  • Nikki

    Hi Sars! We are on the same blog-length, I just posted about books: The Paris Wife is good, but also read A Moveable Feast first if you can (it’s super short) and then I just finished The Rules of Civility, it was really good! xx

  • samantha

    Favourites of mine include:
    One Day by Davd Nichols
    The Help by Kathryn Stockett
    The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
    1984 by George Orwell

    Ahh there are so many, I could go on for ages!! I look forward to seeing your compiled list :) xx

  • Kate Jaffe

    Just finished “Restaurant Man” by Joe Bastianich. Fascinating! Love “Gone Girl,” it’s an amazing read! “Lots of Candles and Plenty of Cake” is fantastic! Looking forward to reading “The Age of Miracles” and “The Night Circus.” Just need to fire up the Kindle!

    • Stately Things

      Love this list lots!

  • alexa

    I’m currently reading The History of Love and I LOVE it. Such a great and sweet read.

  • Nnenna

    Yes, I’ve decided that 2012 is going to be the year of reading! I just started a classic which I’ve never read before (Lolita) and I also picked up The Piano Wife at my favorite bookstore in NYC, The Strand :)

  • twentyonetwo

    I love those green bookends! So beautiful, thanks for sharing!

  • Stately Things

    Summer is definitely a time for speeding through the bookshelves! Absolutely adore those gold bookends. Loved the Paris Wife (but totally agree A Moveable Feast should come first, if you can swing it). Recent good reads: A Personal History (Katherine Graham’s autobiography), The Privileges (Jonathan Dee), Rat (Fernanda Eberstadt), Seating Arrangements (Maggie Shipstead). You can see our whole summer reading list here: !

  • Meredith

    I’m reading a YA series called “The Maze Runner” – it’s not super well written but very entertaining. My hubby and I are taking a road trip to Savannah and are going to get “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” on tape. We never read it and heard it’s good.

    • Schelle

      “Midnight” is great. Eric Larson has mastered the historic fiction genre! Also check put “An Uncommon Education”–and then watch “Dead Poets Society.”

  • Rachel

    Those bookends are all amazing! I’ve just started reading Anna Karenina which I’ve shamefully never read before, but saw the movie trailer released last week + decided I needed to read it! I’m loving reading everyone else’s recommendations too! xx

  • lara / the glossarie.

    the year of magical thinking, an object of beauty, the sweetness at the bottom of the pie – all recent winners! (ps – loved the paris wife!)

  • Camila

    I’m excited to check out all of the books everything is recommending. Sadly the last book I read was the 50 shades trilogy, which is horrible written, but I need to know what all the hype was about.

    Another trilogy that I really loved and is on the complete opposite of 50 shades is the Tea Rose by Jennifer Donnelly. One of my favorites!

    • RachelShingleton

      YES! I loved all 3 of Jennifer Donnelly’s books in the Rose series. Fantastic read.

  • Nikki

    I just finished reading Year of the Gadfly, which was really great. Now I am reading Rules of Civility, which is good too.

  • Kate

    I just finished my book, have to check out some of these recs!

  • Anne

    What a great idea to compile recommendations (and store books between those gorgeous bookends)! I always have a long summer reading list but always am happy to add more great ideas to it – so far I’ve finished State of Wonder from this year’s list (, and it was great. Looking forward to Bring Up the Bodies and Drop Dead Healthy next. Other recent favorites ( have been The Paris Wife and Wild…

  • RachelShingleton

    I read the Paris Wife as well and really enjoyed it. I didn’t know much about Hemingway and I found it really intriguing.

    Have you read the Winter Sea by Susanna Kearnsley? I love everything she’s written, but this one is my favorite.

    I also did a roundup at my blog about the books that are on my list for summer (and FYI – 50 Shades of you-know-what isn’t on it!):


    oooh – lots of inspiration here! What a wonderful post. Add the Violets of March by Sarah Jio to your list!

  • victoria | vmac+cheese

    Can I just say….love your layout on this post! (Totally working on catching up on blog reading!)

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