willem de kooning’s east hampton home

And speaking of the hamptons, I recently came across the gorgeous home and studio tour of one of my favorite artists, abstract expressionist Willem de Kooning and his wife Elaine. Shot for Architectural Digest in 1982, the decor of the space is timeless, the basis of which is my favorite combination of stark white (with exposed structural elements), wood accents, and windows for miles. I won’t even start to discuss the masterpieces strewn around the studio…

Apparently the de Koonings moved to East Hampton in the 60s after spending weekends as guests as Jackson Pollock’s place. I’m completely charmed by the whole piece which you can visit in it’s entirety on Architectural Digest.

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  • http://www.raianaschwenker.com/ Raiana Schwenker

    One of my favourites as well!! Seeing all those stunning boxes of art supplies strewn about that beautiful tables and canvases leaning everywhere makes me heart flutter. I wish I had that talent and could have the means to paint!!


  • Aja Lake [the gold hat.]

    oh my goodness. i’m dying of inspiration overload. stunning!

  • Danie at Pasadya

    Oh my gosh! What a dream studio!

  • SarahRoads

    Amazing! What an amazing place to paint. Beautiful chaos!

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