let them eat cake

I definitely slacked a bit on posting last week and as soon as I got out to the beach, it was like my brain shut down and went straight into vacation mode. In an effort to catch up, I’m popping in for a rare sunday post!

As most of you know, I’m deep into decorating our new place right now. Though the space  gets fantastic light overall, the one spot that irks me a bit is the kitchen. It’s narrow, dark and a bit drab. I’m thinking I could easily perk it up with a bit of cheery artwork. The idea of creating a little gallery wall of cake prints popped into my head one day last week and now I can’t seem to shake it…

Here are a few of the options I found while perusing some of my favorite print shops. I can’t decide if I think it would work best with a variety of artists OR since I’m so smitten with Paul Ferney’s cake series – maybe investing in three or four of his? Thoughts?

And a very belated happy weekend to you all! I’m off to kill the sweet tooth writing this post has created…

paul ferney | janet hill | unknown (from art.com) | wayne thiebaud | john derian


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  • Rebecca D’Amato

    I have been a bit obsessed with Paul Ferney’s paintings for some time. I so want one in my kitchen!

  • http://twitter.com/DomestiKateBlog Kate

    I LOVE wayne thiebaud — one of my favorite artists.

  • Nicole Melvin

    I love those Paul Ferney prints so much, especially the one titled Le Fleur. I just adore the floral wallpaper behind the cake. I think these would be GREAT additions to a kitchen space! Do it to it :)

  • Will @ Bright.Bazaar

    That’s a fun idea! Paul is such a talented artist – I’d love to own one of his pieces! Cheers from London!

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