maira kalman

You’ll have a hard time convincing me that there’s a prettier color scheme than the one I’ve plucked from this Maira Kalman piece (at least until something else catches my eye tomorrow). I’m a huge fan of Maira’s quirky work and this is no exception. Now to see if I can convince Evan to get on board with these colors in our next apartment…

p.s. don’t forget, the deadline for this giveaway is swiftly approaching so if you’ve yet to enter, now is the time friends. i can’t wait to see who wins!


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  • Julie

    I wouldn’t even try to convince you because I don’t think it’s possible!! So pretty – surely Evan would be on board?! It isn’t too, too girly ;)

  • KerenRhymesWHeron

    Have you ever seen Kalman’s “And the Pursuit of Happiness” blog illustrations for The New York Times? Or her exhibitions for The Jewish Museum? Both and all were amazing!

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