cartier art magazine no. 19

I found the work of photographer Peter Lippmann several months ago and keep returning to his portfolio in an attempt to decide on just one spread to share here (no easy feat). Though there are so many I love, collections, done for an old edition of Cartier’s art magazine is the show stopper for me. The mix of natural and bejeweled elements is so seamlessly done it’s almost impossible to tell which is which (seriously, spotting the gems is not so easy)!

The style of the spread is very much in keeping with the room I shared from the Hampton Designer Showhouse yesterday, no? Be sure to pop over to his site to see some of Lippmann‘s other work (I’m also particularly taken with some of the shots he was commissioned to take for Christian Louboutin)…

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  • Meaghan Mulligan

    I can’t even find the orchid that “doesn’t belong.” This is impressive! Thanks for sharing

    • sarah | chevrons & stripes

      It’s the diamond orchid on the bottom row smack in the center. Crazy right?!


    This has inspired my own photographic creativity…I may try something from my garden….another source of inspiration :)

  • Samantha Penner

    Looove these shots. What gorgeous work!

  • Annie

    Gorgeous photography indded.

  • ashley

    wow absolutely stunning and you’re right, it’s so hard to pick out the non-organic pieces!

  • Liz – So Much to Smile About

    These are all really beautiful!

  • Diana

    all so beautiful. the orchids are my favorite!! you really can barely tell which ones are natural and which aren’t. xx

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