happy weekend!

It’s a hot one today but I can’t complain! In the interim between summer and fall semester, I’ve taken to escaping the city mid-day on thursday (instead of friday), which feels completely indulgent but also kind of amazing… Sometimes I wish I could stay out here by the beach forever. I’d open a little shop on Main Street and spend my days hunting for beach treasures, antiques, and schmoozing with the locals. Then I come to my senses and realize that in reality, I’d miss the city terribly. A girl can dream right?

My only plans this weekend are to dive head first into Seating Arrangements (has anyone read it yet?) and the pool – but not at the same time. Any big plans on your end?

image via Roseanne Olson‘s Rapture series (which I happen to love…)


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  • http://www.annehoekman.blogspot.com/ Anne

    Looks like a great beach read – I’ll have to add it to my never-ending list! Too much Olympics watching to get any reading done this weekend though…

  • Will @ Bright.Bazaar

    Bliss! I’d love to hit the beach right now! :)

  • http://twitter.com/MariaMorley All Things Luxurious

    That book sounds so fun — I just added it to my To-Read list. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  • http://twitter.com/beach_citylife Teri Roughen

    that sounds like the life. i live in a sweet beach town and most days i don’t enjoy it, i have to put myself in a vacation state of mind to do so. enjoy your break! Teri

  • http://twitter.com/rglevesque renée levesque

    i am anxiously awaiting my library’s copy to be returned – i have had a hold on it for a month now! enjoy!

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