reel style: elaine robinson

Lately I’ve been on an old movie kick. There’s an amazing selection on netflix right now and seeing as the Olympics have come to an end (tear), I’m thinking this could easily turn into a nightly addiction…

Last night after the closing ceremonies I watched The Graduate – an old favorite with one of the best soundtracks of all time. One thing I had never noticed before (and maybe it’s because my style has evolved so much since my last viewing) was that Elaine Robinson’s signature look throughout the movie is so effortlessly simple and chic. I realize that when people reference fashion from this movie they typically look to Mrs. Robinson (who’s clad in sexy black pencil skirts and amazing leopard print coats) but for me, Elaine’s style is far more in line with my own. I’d love to emulate her preppy Berkeley look this Fall by incorporating some of these pieces into my own wardrobe!

P.S. Putting this together completely reinvigorated my excitement for assembling style posts so look forward to more of these as I continue to discover new old favorites films!

1| classic barbour waxed jacket, 2| majesty peacoat, 3| cashmere turtleneck, 4| rose cut studs, 5| white denim jbrands, 6| leather julie bag, 7| globe-trotter suitcase, 8| see by chloe flat boots, 9| vera haircalf flats

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  • Nikki Rappaport

    LOVE this! I actually have a post about Elaine’s style in my queue that I just haven’t finished. That pink shift dress she wears is just perfect.

  • The Avg Girl Guide

    Love this… you’re right, so effortlessly chic. Those white pants, the boots, the flats. It goes with everything.

  • elizabeth swartz

    I wish I could wear a black turtleneck all year long. great movie and great roundup!

  • Carolyn

    I absolutely love this! There’s nothing quite as classic as a Barbour jacket, and these basic neutrals totally remind me of my own style. I haven’t watched the Graduate in forever – seems like it’s time to change that!

  • refresheddesigns .

    Ack- you’re reading my mind! I’m on a classic Netflix kick right now as well, and the style above is right up my alley. It’s getting me a little excited for Fall, I have to admit!

  • Gaby

    Love this outfit, keep ‘em coming!!

  • Simone Schneider

    What a fun post! How do you create those great collages?

  • Harriet

    One of my all-time favorite movies! I watched it again a few months ago and, along with the fashion, I also rediscovered how cute Dustin Hoffman was!

  • Annie

    I realized that during a Grad viewing a couple years ago…and then I immediately wanted every one of her looks. It really is wild how so much time has gone by, and yet her style is still so spot on!

  • Chelsea

    What a great old movie, I love how you have captured Elaine’s style so perfectly:)

  • Rachel

    I love this movie, such a classic! I never really paid attention to the fashion, but now that you mention it, it is quite fab! I must go and watch it again xx

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