reel style: regina lampert

Can you believe I’d never seen the movie Charade until last night? While I’m typically not one to go for a suspense, I absolutely adored it! Aside from the charming relationship between Hepburn and Cary Grant’s characters, a highly covetable custom wardrobe provided by Givenchy is the cherry on top. In the second edition of reel style, here are a few items I think a modern day Regina Lampert would reach for first and foremost…

1| pearl studs, 2| borsalino felt hat, 3| round frame sunnies, 4| envelope clutch, 5| leather gloves, 6| wool-twill dress, 7| patent-leather pumps, 8| mod coat in dark poppy
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  • ashley

    i haven’t seen the movie either, but LOVE audrey and loving this look, so i’m adding it to the list!

  • Annie

    One of my absolute favorites!!! Love seeing this!!

  • Lindsay

    Ohh I know what I’m adding to my Netflix queue tonight! xo

    • sarah | chevrons & stripes

      FYI it’s in the instant play section!

  • Maria Morley

    LOVING those sunglasses. This is a movie that I haven’t seen, but I think I ought to now! :-) Thanks for sharing!

  • lexi

    I’ve actually never sen Charade either, but, like every girl, I adore Audrey Hepburn, so I think it’s time I see this movie (stat!) Love the inspiration!

  • Jen Ramos

    love love love that white dress!

  • Gaby

    oh this is so lovely, and how stunning is that coat! And I’m not even a huge fan of red! LOVE it!

  • Andrea Jardine

    So pretty! I have Charade in my netflix queue, I need to get on that.

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