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Our new bedroom, though we’ve been living in it for a few months, still seems pretty bare. Lots and lots of blank white wall space! I’ve been thinking a fast and easy solution might be to switch up our bedding. Right now we’re living with this striped bedding from West Elm and we love it but are ready for something a bit bolder. Maybe a brighter pattern or some color mixed with a fun throw pillow… I was playing with a few combinations earlier today and would love to know your thoughts! Which combo is your favorite? I’m leaning towards number 3!

p.s. if I was realllly going for a splurge I’d invest in the Olatz bedding featured in Jenna Lyon’s bedroom here. Wishlisted!

one. dwell studio draper stripe sheets + seafoam block printed pillow, two. flame lattice pillow + chambray/red trimmed sheets, three. dwell studio peacock beddingstone textile tuxedo pillow, four. eskayel splash pillow + yves delorme calligraphie bedding 
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  • Kate

    I’m biased, I have the draper stripe bedding so that get’s my vote! It’s so soft and cozy — and it’s neutral enough that I’ve been able to mix up the pillows and sheets for a new look!

    • sarah | chevrons & stripes

      Ooh good to know, I wasn’t sure it would be soft enough (I love super soft bedding)!

  • Will @ Bright.Bazaar

    Oooo it’s number two for me, please!

  • Samantha Penner

    I loooove #4! Such a fun color combo. Also, I was catching up on your blog and realized a few days ago was your 1 year blogiversary. Congrats, my dear! You have accomplished so much in such a short amount of time and are truly an inspiration. SO glad we have connected. :)

    • sarah | chevrons & stripes

      Thank you so much Sam and the same to you! Hope school is going well!

  • Elizabeth / Stone Textile

    I am biased towards #3! All are great options though….I do love Eskayel prints so #4 is also a favorite!

  • Nikki Rappaport

    The fourth option is so unique and fun. I’m totally digging it!

  • Gaby

    All are beautiful but one is my favorite (grey and stripes are my favorite!) ;)

  • Lauren Singer

    I love the third option – I’ve been eyeing that peacock bedding for ages!

  • Julianna Marinho

    One and three are my favorite!!

  • Meredith

    Three is my fave!

  • Naomi Stein

    You’ve probably already decided this, but I have to say I’m a sucker for striped bedding. I thinks it the perfect preppy balance to just about anything.

    loving your blog, Sarah! Don’t know why its taken me so long to come over.

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