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Over the summer Evan and I attended our first big wave of weddings – many of them black tie. While I’ve amassed several dresses that can pass over the years (I think black tie is not so gown-y these days don’t you?) I always find myself searching for the perfect dressy bag. It’s just one of those pieces I never felt compelled to invest in until now. I’d like to find a great clutch that could go with practically anything and I think these faceted beauties by Overture Judith Leiber fit the bill without being too simple. The brass is my favorite! Have you come across any great (and more affordable) clutches recently? What’s your go-to wedding ensemble?

silver | brass

P.S. I’ve been toying with the idea of writing about some more wedding related topics since I’m in the thick of planning right now – but I don’t want to go there if you don’t want to hear about it. I’d love if you would voice your opinions! 
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  • Rebecca

    well you know my feelings on that topic…totally ok;)

  • Gaby

    Insanely stunning!

  • Elizabeth // The Now

    STOP! These are gorgeous!! They are similar to the Marchesa clutches. I wonder which is less expensive..not that I could afford any of them. xo

  • Lauren Singer

    you should absolutely post about wedding related topics, even if we aren’t getting married – you are! and this is your blog, so go for it!

  • Chelsea

    Those are so amazing, but I’m sure they’re out of my price range:/

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