The other day I was browsing West Elm (as I’m known to do so often) when I came across their collaborations section. I was drawn to a pair of framed butterflies they were offering from artist Christopher Marley of Pheromone. I’ve always loved the look of natural curiosities at home, so when I clicked through to the Pheromone site I was delighted to find a stunning variety of specimens from butterflies to fossils, shells, urchins, and more.

Each piece in the collection has been harvested ethically and responsibly, then framed to highlight it’s natural beauty. They can get a bit pricey so for now, they’ve been added to the never ending wish-list! Unless of course I just happen to find myself in a West Elm… Aren’t they gorgeous?!



shells & urchins

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  • Concerned

    No, Sarah. Sadly, they WERE gorgeous. They are now dead animals killed for profit. I read the thin justification that Pheromone’ Marley gives for doing this. He is no hobbyist. Please urge West Elm to stop carrying these gross products and stop funding totally unnecessary cruelty.

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