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Evan and I love to host so after we get settled into a place we typically work on stocking the bar. Our “bar” has been everything from a console table to a bookshelf – any old ledge will do but we decided it’s about time we invest in something a bit spiffier. We’ve always wanted a bar cart and recently narrowed it down to these two options from my friend Roxy’s shop Society Social. Each would fit perfectly in the little nook we’ve chosen.

I love the contrast between the black and gold on the Madison Mixer (and that it’s painted rattan tray is removable) but I’m equally mad about the intricate detailing on either side of the Sedgewick. I’m completely torn! Help me choose, won’t you?

the madison mixer | the sedgewick

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  • Becca Atwood

    I vote for the sedgewick.

  • Gaby

    Hmmm this is a tough one! Sorry, but I have to say either one, they both are fabulous!

  • Roxy

    Thanks for sharing the SS love, Sarah!!! I always tell customers that the Sedgewick and all that faux bamboo fretwork is 100% classic and the Madison featuring faux bamboo with a natural cane yet high gloss finished tray is for the person who loves classic with a twist! So I guess it depends on you, are you more classic? Or more classic with a twist? ;)

  • Alex

    I would definitely go with the madison mixer!!

  • Erica Bracken

    I do love a bar cart!!! Haven’t seen this site before, will be on it soon!
    (I’m tied between the two… leaning a little toward the sedgewick)

  • Sarah O’Brien

    i’m loving the sedgewick!

  • Carolyn

    I’m totally in love with the Sedgewick – the boy and I are saving up for it as a (boozy) Christmas give to each other – its absolutely gorgeous!

  • Drew Elizabeth

    sedgewick! sedgewick! sedgewick!

  • Niki Rubin

    Sedgewick all the way! Jealous. Once you have kids you can’t have glass that easily accessible so everything must move up….

  • Lisa // Elembee

    I love them both, but especially love the details on the sedgewick!

  • Allyson Mimosas in the Morning

    Sedgwick!! Love that bar cart!!

  • Lauren Singer

    definitely the sedgewick, the detailing is beautiful

  • Alexa

    Shoot I think I like number 2 best. But they are both lovely.

  • Emily


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