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First off, let me start for apologizing for being so MIA these past few days! Between school, some design world happenings, and BOTH Ziggy and I getting over bugs things have been hectic around here.

I want to kick things off again today with a gorgeous bathroom renovation I came across in Elle Decor’s October Fashion Issue. If you’ve been following along, you know by now that I’m absolutely smitten with beautiful objects found in nature and the ways we can display them in our homes. So of course when I heard that renowned publisher Taschen had re-issued a glossy new version of the tome Cabinet Of Natural Curiosities, I ran right over to the Strand and picked up a copy for our coffee table.

Getting back to the bathroom makeover, designer Steven Gambrel completely transformed his Sag Harbor powder room by covering the walls with pages from my new book! Suddenly I’m debating purchasing a second copy…

I’m thinking this idea could also translate quite nicely on the back wall of a bookshelf. Thoughts?

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  • The Now

    I mean, that bathroom is so cool. I would just go in there and stare all day! I need that book!! xox

  • Sarah O’Brien

    the bathroom wallpaper, seriously out of this world awesome!

  • Alex

    so glad I showed you that book! I love the idea of framing a bunch and hanging them together

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