happy thanksgiving!

Happy thanksgiving friends! Big dinner plans I’m assuming? Seeing as no one in my family is all that skilled in the kitchen, our intimate group of 30 will be heading out on the town for a non-home cooked meal. I hope that down the road, Evan and I will have enough room to host our own turkey day meal in a gorgeous dining room like Julia Leach‘s (originally featured in Lonny) below! Here are a few pieces I would use to complete the look – including the Bernardaud china we registered for…

1. hugo guinness spiky headed plant print, 2. hugo guinness flower arrangement, 3. hugo guinness fig tree, 4. west elm’s gallery in a box set, 5. dwell studio selma chairs, 6. admiral table, 7. bernardaud louvre dishes, 8. color reform carpet (or for a more affordable alternative, this west elm option)


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  • Will @ Bright.Bazaar

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  • faye

    happy thanksgiving!:D

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