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Happy Monday friends! Let’s kick things off today with a great giveaway courtesy of Society Social‘s own Roxy Owens.  As you know (if you read this post), I am now the proud owner of a Madison Mixer! The only thing left to do is accessorize my new favorite piece of furniture. After all, what’s a bar cart without the accoutrement? Luckily Roxy has thought of EVERYTHING. She recently started stocking the most adorable selection of entertaining accessories and has generously offered up a set to one C&S reader – this includes your choice of 1 set of coasters, 1 set of napkins, and 1 set of place cards. Does it get any better? Scroll down for details…


the deets:

1.  leave a comment letting Roxy and I know your best hostessing tip! What sets your soiree style apart from everyone else’s?

2. follow Society Social on facebook & on twitter

the fine print: a winner will be chosen and announced on monday, november 12th. us residents only. a real e-mail address is required, but will not be made public or used for any other purposes. best of luck!

Now, if like me you absolutely cannot wait, I encourage you to browse the web shops of Society Social, K. Slademade, Design Darling, & Devon Baer and shop til you drop! These lovely ladies are generously donating a portion of their sales from November 5th – November 8th to the American Red Cross. I feel incredibly lucky to be back in my home with power and running water but not everyone in the area has been so fortunate and this is the absolute LEAST we can do.

P.S. I am planning to do some volunteer work this coming weekend  - we NYC folks need to stick together and get all hands on deck! If you are interested in joining, please let me know.

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  • Courtney

    Such a fun giveaway!! I’m new to hosting parties so I always turn to Pinterest and Roxy’s great emails that I receive! I liked on FB (Courtney Elizabeth) and twitter (@ceperk) :)

  • Johnna

    Amazing giveaway! My #1 hostess tip is to ensure that you have something that everyone likes… Delicious cocktails/fun non-alcoholic options, regular/decaf, a vegetarian option, dance music/a little Sinatra. Watching others have fun and feel comfortable in your home at your party is what makes throwing parties so fun. xo

  • Elle

    Love it! I’m basing my wedding paper suite around the “cheers!” coasters – I’d love to win a set! And the gold striped napkins and gold striped place cards steal my heart too! My favorite hostessing tip (that I read somewhere else), is to take a break from prep an hour or 2 before the party to give yourself enough time to get ready and get dressed. Put your heels by the front door, have music & lighting set, then put the finishing touches on your table/meal/cocktails/etc. When the doorbell rings, step into your shoes & voila – you’ve got it allll under control.

  • ashley nicole catherine

    ahh this is so amazing! lovelove those coasters. so my hostessing tip is more of a recipe for success: plenty of food and drinks + good music + make your guests feel at home by keeping their drinks filled and anticipating their needs + don’t stress!

  • Lisa // Elembee

    I love those coasters! I don’t really host big parties, more just little laid-back get-togethers, so I’ll be reading everyone’s tips!

  • Annie

    I love this giveaway! I think the best way to ensure a soirées success is to make sure you have appropriate supplies based upon the amount of people you have attending. Way too much and everyone gets the sense that lots of folks decided not to show up– too little.. and.. well, too little is the worst. ;)

  • Charlotte

    I love this giveaway! The coasters are to die for. I always make a special seasonal cocktail for all my soirees. I made Pointsettias last Christmas Eve and they caused everyone to sleep through church!

  • Serene C.

    Letterpress coasters?! What the what? Amazing! Love everything letterpressed! really liking the polkadot one and everything gold. My tip for hosting is to leave the cooking to someone else. I recently organised a dinner for a birthday and got a chef in to prepare the meal. What a revelation! The chef prepared some food at the table ( great entertainment for everyone), the food turned out great, I didn’t have to rush in and out of the kitchen or worry about the food turning out right, I got to have uninterrupted time with my friends (which is really the point of it all,no?) and I was still the hostess with the mostest, making sure everyone’s glasses were never empty. :)

  • Kate

    Fabulous giveaway! I’ve been eying those gold striped napkins for the holidays! I love to have one or two signature cocktails along with beer and wine when I host a party; it keeps costs down and I think that guests love that they’re having something mixed special for the event!

  • Lindsy

    I always have everything 100% done and set (including my attire) 15 minutes before the start of the event. That way I am calm and relaxed (and 1 drink in) before anyone arrives. This sets the tone of the event.

  • Drew Elizabeth

    Love Roxy & LOVE this giveaway! Make sure you have a few different hors dourves all ready when your guests arrive. It will keep them happy & full. Also, I prefer using washable napkins so I don’t waste paper & they are easy to cleanup. Just throw them in washer when everyone leaves!

  • Madison

    What a fun giveaway! My husband and I love to entertain and the bar is always the most important part of our shindigs. I like to have everything chilling (wine, beer) in a big silver beverage bucket at least an hour before guests arrive so libations are crisp and cold by the time friends come. I also like to have a few small bowls of candied nuts and pistachios by the bar to satisfy guests before dinner.

  • Alison

    I’m hosting Thanksgiving at my house this year and I absolutely love all of these items! There’s nothing I love more than hosting a party or a simple girls night. My favorite type of soiree has a theme with decor and menu to match. It can be simple with seasonal foods and flowers or centered around a favorite movie, show, place, or person.

  • Mary Eliza

    What a fantastic giveaway! I love Society Social and I have been obsessed with those coasters!

    My hostess tip is not to forget the personal touches and attention to details. Make sure you have a wide range of beverages and food for your guests-and enough! Serve what you know they like and don’t forget dietary restrictions. And don’t forget to decorate!

    {I already follow Society Social on FB (Mary Eliza Linton) and on Twitter(@maryelizalinton) }

  • Tracy Lynn

    How do you choose just one? That tartan makes my heart skip a beat.

    My hostessing tip: Make a cute coffee station as the part winds down. Serve a selection of K-cups, creamers, sugars, or syrups. Have to-go cups and bottles of water for the trip home. Add a fun bowl of aspirin and breathe mints :)

  • Shop Sweet Things with Jeanne

    Fun giveaway! I can certainly use more entertaining goods in my home. I always offer a refreshing drink to my guests the moment they walk in my home. One of my favorites is adding aloe vera with sparkling cider top with lychee! always makes an impression. and what sets my style apart is that i try not to be so uptight of how perfect everything looks, i think that can make guests feel uncomfortable – so a lot of the time I make a good impression when they first walk in and then just go with the flow the rest of the party and have fun! after all, i think it’s the company that counts.

    Crossing my fingers! And how lucky are you to have one of Roxy’s bar cart in your home!

    xo Jeanne

  • The Short and the Sweet of It

    My hostessing tip: Buy fresh flowers! I feel like our little apartment looks better and brighter with some fresh flowers. I just started following Society Social on Facebook and Twitter. It’s a hard decision, but I’d pick the “cheers” coasters, gold striped napkins and gold placecards. Fingers crossed!

  • Cara-Mia Trull

    What an awesome giveaway! One thing about any events at my place is that my guests know there will always be coffee (served in cute vintage dishes) with their dessert! I’m a bit over-caffeinated haha.

    I follow and like on both. :)

  • Danielle {freshquince}

    Fabulous giveaway! The most important thing for me is making guests feel wanted and welcome by being as gracious as I can be. I prep, prep and prep and let the sioree unfold as it should. Drinks easily spotted and food galore. I’ve been to parties where I’ve felt uncomfortable and I never want anyyone to feel like that at mmy home..all are welcome! Thanks !

  • Ellie

    Awesome giveaway!!

    My hostess tip is to take short cuts so you don’t drive yourself crazy and can have fun! Whether you buy gourmet chickens already roasted, but pre-made puff pastry for that dessert, or just serve everything on disposable plates, the little things can keep you sane!

  • Allison Wheeler

    what an awesome giveaway!

    i think the most important thing for me is making the perfect playlist and always making sure there’s enough food and drink for everyone. leftovers are your friend.

  • mary-katherine

    im still in college and learning how to throw a good dinner party and be a good hostess but recently i hosted dinner for girls i met while studying abroad. to make the space more personal and help remember all the good times we had, i hung pictures throughout the room of our travels. everyone loved it!

  • Sara

    Fresh flowers are my staple for a being a hostess because they brighten up any party. I love reading all of these tips!

  • Emily

    prep before people come over so they can actually feel like they are enjoying spending time with you, rather than watching you run around the kitchen stressing about the meal!

  • Stacy

    Stick to a few simple dishes that can be prepped ahead of time so you can spend your time with the party, and not in the kitchen!

  • Sally

    if you want to stick with your close friends for the party–don’t! make every guest feel like they are welcome and you are excited to have them!

  • Claire

    a home that smells like fresh baked goodies is so warm and inviting, oh yeah and keep the drinks coming!

  • Elizabeth Rettew

    Do as much prep beforehand, and don’t keep all the food in one place – have it spread out around the room or in different rooms, so people will be forced to walk around and mingle while trying different dips/munchies/appetizers! It keeps things interesting!

  • aeb

    people will always go for a drink before they eat, so make sure you have food in stages or something that can sit out for awhile!

  • Jennifer Orlando Newton

    I like to be a stress-free hostess, so my tip is to take help when it’s offered! Your guess won’t mind cutting limes or picking some good music so you can attend to other matters. They’re there to have fun WITH YOU, and a stressed hostess IS NOT a fun hostess.

  • CarolineB

    No one likes a stressed out hostess. Plan accordingly and use the party time to mingle.

  • Megan Edwards

    I am hosting my first Thanksgiving this year and am going to be serving holiday themed cocktails throughout the afternoon! Cocktails, the right music and plenty of food should make for a great day!

  • Alexandra

    My best advice is to relax – whether it is my holiday open house for 75 people or cocktails with 10 girlfriends make sure the bar is stocked and snacks are on hand…and always remember that if you run out of food folks are having a good time, and who doesn’t want a little guilt-free delivery pizza anyways?!

  • anp

    My best hostessing tip is to know your crowd – know exactly who are you inviting! From here you can cater the environment, food, and drinks to fit their style. Whether it is inviting a couple to dinner or inviting 30 of your closets friends over, you first want to make sure the crowd is right. Am I going to invite my friends who have toddlers? Or am I going to invite my friends from college? What about some of my co-workers? Do I want my co-workers to hear embarrassing stories about me from my college friends? Probably not! Sometimes different types of groups don’t mix well together, and you want the people to set the ambiance for everyone to have an appropriate time. From here you will know what food to serve and what drinks to have. You’re having a tailgating football party? Better make sure you have tequila in case its a big win, spicy apps for the guys, and a frozen pizza in the fridge if everyone ends up staying late-night.

  • jodi

    great cocktails and great music, and lots of prep work! oh, and enjoy YOURSELF, guests notice. :)

  • Britney Sauer

    My best hostessing tip is to have a backup plan. Whether it is a backup dress, a tent in case of rain, or even an extra chilled bottle of wine (or two), you can never be over prepared.

    Happy hosting!

  • Milagros Hill

    My best hostessing trick? Make sure the bar or bar cart :) is fully stocked! Plenty of spirits, and a heavy hand when making cocktails always leads to a festive and fun party!

  • Lily

    My favorite trick is to make sure the lighting is low, the candles are lit and the room is sufficiently warm… make the atmosphere cozy and people can’t help but relax!

  • Lauren B

    No matter what you do, guests will always try to congregate in the kitchen– so embrace it! And go barefoot– the laid-back vibe will be appreciated.

  • Mere

    Have a pre-made signature drink! Sit it out with beer wine, etc so you aren’t stuck playing bartender all night!

  • Sara

    Take time to step back and enjoy the festivities. Your hard work is why your guests are having a delightful time!

  • Cathy Feeney

    I love creating a theme for the party- usually this falls with the food(bbq night or taco nights) and from there everything falls in place. Also just have fun- you are having a party to be with your friends.

  • Robyn

    My best hostess tip is to prep as much as you can prior to guest arriving so you can enjoy their company. And, where something that is effortless, yet chic. Nothing fussy or something you need to worry about too much. And, save the dishes for the next day and enjoy your guest!

  • Jennifer

    Great music and a specialty cocktail always make for a great night!

  • Jennifer

    Oh and a fully stocked bar cart ;-)

  • Jordan – Queen of LA

    this is an amazing giveaway! i would so love to win :)

    i host parties and dinners A LOT. my #1 tip is to set everything out in pretty serveware. whenever im out at target or homegoods and see nice but inexpensive glasses, cake plates, trays, servers, etc, i always snap them up! even if im just serving chips and dip or delivery pizza, the fact that its plated beautifully (no original containers on my table!!!) always makes it look so much prettier!

  • Jennifer Torres

    I LIKE Society Social on FB!

  • Jennifer Torres

    When I am doing large themed parties I like to buy the fun chalkboard stickers or some other fun, festive stickers and each guest gets 2 stickers. 1 is their name tag with a favorite character name and the other goes on their drink with the same name so there’s no mixing up bevies!

  • Kirsten @ Triple Max Tons

    My tip is to set different snacks all around the room – that way, people have to move around and talk to different people to get bites to eat. Great way to get people to mingle! Follow them already!

  • Meredith

    ALWAYS serve Champagne. I think it’s a real treat and makes guest feel special when you offer them a glass.

  • Kathryn Bauman

    I like to have a little basket or grouping of hostess favors by the door when guests arrive. When they see a basket of goodies waiting for them, they feel like honored guests, knowing there is another surprise in store for them at the end of the evening!

  • styleiconnij

    Always, always start with a cocktail! Whether it’s a glass of bubbly in a pretty-little flute, or a themed cocktail with a swizzle stick, guests will feel more at ease and right at home when a drink is in hand. You, as a host, can plan ahead with great glassware (and cute napkins! a must-have) and “accessories” that center around your theme and your drinks! A great way to kick off your soiree with style!

  • Whitney Nicosia

    Ah! Love this giveaway and Society Social!

    My hostessing tip would be to have everything prepared ahead of time! A stressed out hostess is no fun. And of course keep the beverages flowing. I also like to have a theme and presentation is everything!

  • Bubbly and Caviar

    I make sure to keep it simple, but focus on detail. Always have a variety of beverages especially if the gents are invited. I like to personalize things such as cocktail napkins, add descriptions to your platters or drink descenders with cute printables, and I also love having accessories like fun straws or coordinating decor that matches your party theme. And I Love society social!!

  • Nikki Rappaport

    What a fun giveaway! You don’t have to have everything ready before a party, but have some food out when guests first arrive. They can be occupied with the crostini or cheese dip while you finish up the rest of the dishes.

  • foodbitch

    Liked and followed! My best tip is to keep your sense of humor at an event. It’s the best accessory. My table’s best accessories are the winnings of this giveaway, however.

  • Rachel Nona

    I always make no- bake desserts like cookie dough truffles or chocolate peanut butter bites that can be prepared and frozen well in advance so the day of can be spent setting the perfect table and cooking the entree!

  • Laura C

    Great giveaway! My hostesssing tip would be to relax and enjoy your event.. don’t worry about clean up until the next day (special items get broken during late night washings). And WINE! Plenty of wine!

  • Bianca

    Hi Roxy and Sarah! What a cute giveaway! My best hostessing tip is the ‘Hostess tips’ board I keep on Pinterest. It’s my ultimate go-to when looking for ideas or when saving face last minute if disaster strikes. It’s easy to pull up and easy to edit…or, well, mostly add to.. :) It helps me remember such nifty ideas such as ‘using chevron paper placemats’, how to easily emboss paper napkins to make them look very deluxe and how you can use cupcake liners as drink covers in the summer for outdoor entertaining!

  • Allison

    Hi Roxy and Sarah – obsessed with this giveaway already! I haven’t been hosting for very long but the best party-planning tip I learned from my mom (the ultimate host!) is to always have fresh flowers and burning candles out and about as part of your decor. We come from a big family so hosting always means bustling about making sure everyone is enjoying yourself, but I think it’s important to just stop and sit at some point to enjoy those around you… and your handiwork.

  • Kate

    My best hostessing tip is to be prepared! I love to get everything ready in advance (including my outfit!) so I can fully enjoy my fabulous guests and not be rushed! A fab theme, fully stocked bar cart & signature cocktail always add to the fun, too! xoxo

  • Christina B

    Thanks for the giveaway! great items. My best hosting tip would be don’t sweat the small stuff. Something WILL go wrong either before or during your party (Murphy’s law ;) ), but if you just learn to relax and let it go, you will be able to enjoy your event to its fullest and have a great time with your guests!

  • Sarah Blount

    Great Giveaway!!! Along with my barcart stocked with the basic standby’s, I also always serve a festive seasonal signature cocktail. It’s something you can whip up a batch of ahead of time so guests can have something yummy right when they come it. It also gets people to try something outside the box and maybe find a new “signature” drink for themselves in the process!

  • Amanda

    What a great giveaway! I love to have stations when I host – drinks, snacks, and the main event. I think it keeps people moving around and meeting new friends!

  • MonumentMaven

    I always put 12 people at a 6′ round, or 10 at a 5′ round. It might seem a bit crowded, but it does wonders for conversation. And make sure the flowers are low enough that people can see each other over them (sounds like common sense, but I’m amazed how many people neglect to do this!)

  • Meredith F

    All the stress in hosting for me is usually in trying to get everything done beforehand. Making a list of the to-do’s and a realistic time frame for each item helps me eliminate my stress before the big shindig because I know there is plenty of time! Then, you can enjoy your soiree to it’s full extent!

  • alovett

    I try to incorporate a variety of food and drink types that I know my friends and family enjoy, while keeping it simple and not too stressful to plan! I follow society social on facebook and tritter!

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  • Lauren Singer

    I just try to be as prepared as possible. You never know what can go wrong, so just go with the flow. Also – have vegetarian friendly options, and make any bakery vegan if possible (my best friend is a vegan). No one can tell the difference between vegan and non vegan bakery.

  • Lauren | Seventeenth & Irving

    I already follow Roxy on Facebook and Twitter! My best hostessing tip is to do what you can ahead of time so that you can relax and enjoy yourself the day of. Be prepared so that you can spend your time getting ready, not running around doing last minute errands!

  • Tiffany Ashley

    It’s all about the details- even the tiniest DIY or special touch can set your soiree apart and take it up a level- adore Roxy and follow SS on twitter and fb :)

    Xo- Tiffany

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