the perfect winter coat

I have yet to find it – that perfect coat that keeps you warm all winter without making you feel puffy and misshapen. I’d love to find something that I can layer over a thick sweater and vest like this chic gal below! New York has gotten quite chilly in the past few days so I’m officially on the hunt… Have you seen anything great out there? Do share!

the sartorialist

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  • Natalie

    That fur neck warmer is fabulous! Love!

  • Lindsay

    I’m in the same boat. I’ll be sure to share if I come across anything great!

    • sarah | chevrons & stripes

      PLEASE do!

  • Drew Elizabeth

    I tend to gravitate towards Zara. They don’t last me more than a season but right now they have some longer ones that will keep your whole body warm! Also, try….they just got some cute coats in!

    • sarah | chevrons & stripes

      There’s a boxy navy peacoat I’m dying for at Zara right now. I just feel like their coats do not stand the test of time… Thoughts?

      • Drew Elizabeth

        Agree. They only last me that season but sometimes that’s all I want. A year from now I will probably be shopping for a new coat anyways!

  • Heather

    I also live in NYC and find it hard to find a warm coat that is also stylish. For my birthday last week, my parents got me this coat:

    I love it because it is warm even though it’s not bulky, buttons all the way up to cover my neck, and it has a hood! They bought it at Lord & Taylor. They frequently send out email coupons and they have a lot of sales. Good luck!

    • sarah | chevrons & stripes

      ooh, a hood is so key! sounds cozy ;)

  • Nikki Rappaport

    I’m looking for one too and haven’t found anything good yet. And it’s getting colder every day! I’ll let you know if I do.

  • McKenna Ryan

    Oh my goodness that coat is fabulous! I love how it has so much texture. It looks so warm too. xx. McKenna Lou

  • Gaby

    This photo is perfection. Period.

  • emailxia

    I just purchased the Cocoon Coat from JCREW. They are having a 30% off outwear sale right now. It’s simple and chic, something different than the classic Pea Coat, or classic down puffer.

    • sarah | chevrons & stripes

      That’s a good one! I’m thinking about investing in the window pane trench in navy/red – it’s so chic but is it warm enough for the NYC winter…

  • Kecia Beltz

    I’m on the hunt too so please share any amazingness that you discover!


  • Teri Roughen

    unfortunately we don’t have much use for coats here and I’m always so jealous of east coasters and their coats. i love all jcrew coats myself!

    • sarah | chevrons & stripes

      I feel you Teri, when I was in Miami last year I was so sad not be able to wear all of my Fall/Winter sweaters, coats, and boots!

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