and we’re off!

We’re heading out early tomorrow morning for a much needed weekend of r&r so I’d like to wish you an early happy weekend! NYC-ers, can you believe how cold it’s gotten even in the past few hours? Yikes… I am definitely glad to be skipping town for a few days. Farewell until monday friends!

P.S. I’ve always longed to be a chic traveler like this fancy lady but in reality, I’m a leggings and t-shirt gal through and through. What’s your travel style?

vogue, 1973

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  • McKenna Ryan

    Have so much fun!! I cant wait to see posts of your New York trip. xx. McKenna Lou

  • Rebecca

    Have a great SUNNY WARM get away:) I feel you. London is COLD! Ummm I think I have 5 different black leggings and 5 different oversized button downs…travel wardrobe:)

  • Rachel

    I contend that being well dressed at the airport yields better service from the airline, tsa eta all! I go for dark, stretch cords, a cozy cashmere sweater, and my most comfortable ballet flats. Comfortable and chic!

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