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I’ve been getting the itch recently. Despite the fact that I’ve actually been on a couple of trips in the past year I keep finding my mind wandering to more exotic locales. I spotted this gorgeous image of the gardens in Costa Brava, Spain floating around pinterest recently and fell absolutely head over heels. Perhaps its due to the endless amount of neo-classical architecture I’ve been devouring for school lately… Nevertheless, it had me hunting down modern pieces inspired by classical motifs for the rest of the afternoon. What destination is at the top of your travel list today (and I say today because for me, it changes that rapidly)?

1. wayne pate urn block-print, 2. fornasetti architettura lidded candle, 3. picasso war & peace print, 4. vintage brass clam shell sconces, 5. greek key throw blanket, 6. Mary McDonald’s laquered column/urn lamp for Robbert Abbey,  7. marble grecian style planter, 8. jonathan adler muse d’or candle

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  • Samantha Penner

    I love that Picasso print. I always have wanderlust- I am dreaming of getting away to Barcelona again!

    • sarah | chevrons & stripes

      I’ve been dreaming about that print for months now but I have so much art that I haven’t even begun to frame or hang! I think if Evan sees another package come to our door he might flip, haha.

  • Drew Elizabeth

    I have spotted that muse d’or candle before and fell in love with the design! I am the same way….traveling to a few exotic locations are constantly on my mind as of late!

  • Allison Jordan

    That picture is unbelievable! I don’t blame you for having the travel bug after spotting that lovely location. Thanks for sharing!


  • Elizabeth @ TheCornerApartment

    I’d love to get out of the cold into a tropical setting!

    Cheers, Elizabeth of The Corner Apartment

    • sarah | chevrons & stripes

      You and me both! Anything in the works?!

      • Elizabeth @ TheCornerApartment

        I have a cross-country trip from Texas to Alabama, which definitely does not count. So, sadly no.

        • sarah | chevrons & stripes

          Oh that totally counts in my book. I’m dying to visit more places in the south! Sounds like you could definitely make some fun pit stops along the way ;)

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