candy colored kicks

It’s absolutely frigid here in New York and the only thing keeping my spirits high is the thought of spring on the horizon. Plus it’s so much fun seeing all of the S/S 2013 merchandise trickle in! I was browsing J.Crew the other night and discovered these twill candy colored Sperry deck shoes - aren’t they fun? I know it’s early to be thinking about such warm weather investments but I think the lilac is calling my name… Which would you choose?


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  • Sarah Tolzmann

    I have these from last year – they are so comfortable! Might need to pick a second color for the spring. I love the lilac!

    • sarah | chevrons & stripes

      Which color do you have already?! My mom keeps talking about some metallic pair she was lusting after that they no longer make…

      • Sarah Tolzmann

        I have the pink from last year, which is more fuchsia than the above. The metallic ones are cute too. Hmm… decisions!

  • Tina Ramchandani

    These are pretty and they do look spring-like. I’m freezing today, wearing my fake uggs!

    • sarah | chevrons & stripes

      Me too, haha. I like to call them fuggs.

  • Maria Larsen

    These are so much fun. I love the bright colors and would love to own a pair. xo, Maria

  • Nikki

    OMG I love them all!! How fun and springy. It is so cold here today (well, probably not as cold as it is up north- I’m in MS) so looking at these make me feel better. The coral/ pink ones are fantastic and need to get in my closet.

  • Carlene Thomas RD

    I dress pretty classically, but my accessories are a color obsession. These need to come live in my closet. Now.

    • sarah | chevrons & stripes

      Uh yes. I’m envisioning my future lilac sperrys with a pair of comfy blue jeans and a white tee!

  • Drew Elizabeth

    Never too early to think about summer accessories! I love these!

  • Nikki Rappaport

    It’s freezing in DC too and spring seems SO far away. But of course, I could use a pair of pink sperrys for when it actually does come.

    • sarah | chevrons & stripes

      somehow I knew pink would be your choice ;) p.s. I loved your post about learning to make new friends yesterday! It was the same for me last year in Miami. Check out this book/blog by a girl I went to high school with:

  • Julie

    I was all over the Lilly Pulitzer sale today and it made me want warm weather so badly!! Not too early at all – I snatched up 2 new dresses that will be waiting for the first spring day! :)

  • Aja Lake

    i need another pair of sperrys like a i need a whole in the head, but i’d go neon rose for sure. super cute with tan legs:) xx

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