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If you’ve been following along since I moved back to New York, then you know I had a huge debate over which couch to buy. Ultimately, I ended up buying something streamlined and modern with a low back. Because of the way our living room is shaped, the only sensible place for the couch was to float it, meaning you see the back of it quite often and I wanted it to be as unobtrusive as possible.

For whatever reason, I’m never satisfied with my couch choices. I always put comfort over appearance, in part because I have a fiancé and pup who demand it. But now, I’ve fallen hard for a Chesterfield! Clearly a new couch (especially one at these price points) isn’t in the cards anytime soon but a gal can dream…

So, what’s your take? Are they too traditional for your taste or just right?

country style scan via dustjacket attic

Of course I’ve already begun hunting around, you know, for when the time is right… Here are a few of my favorite options in case you’re in the market.

I. modern drama’s 1st dibs shop, II. pottery barn, III. ebay find, IV. lief’s 1st dibs shop

p.s. a few more options: lots on ebay, this simple (and on sale!) west elm spin, and a chestnut leather version on wayfair

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  • EverydayChicNY

    obsessed! love them!!

  • Ashley Fine

    Never too traditional. They’re timeless and gorgeous:)

    • sarah | chevrons & stripes

      Agreed. The only thing is, I think I’d want an upholstered one instead of leather. There’s something a little uncomfortable about a leather couch to me…

  • Lindsay

    Might sound weird, but I’d definitely check out craigslist for chesterfields. There have been a ton on craigslist here in DC and I kind of think they’re one of those things that look even better with a little patina. xx

    • sarah | chevrons & stripes

      I searched on craigslist but the options were pretty limited! Found a bunch on ebay and 1st dibs but in the end, I think Evan would flip if I bought a new couch only 6 months after the one we have now. Understandably so, haha.

  • Nikki Rappaport

    That first one is so dreamy. I agree with Lindsay below too!

  • Rita

    god i love chesterfields. i can’t wait to have a library wall with ladders and a giant red/brown leather chesterfield to lounge on while i read my books and drink a cocktail! one day! :)

    also- clicked through to your original post and then the glitter guide feature and so excited to see that shantaram is in your book collection! one of my very favorites and i always love any person that has read it! (although, i’ve only met like two thus far!)

    • sarah | chevrons & stripes

      Um, that’s so crazy because Shantaram is not only in my book collection but it’s my very favorite! It has me wanting to go on a major trip ever since I read it several summers ago. I heard a while back that they were making it into a movie but then nothing ever came of it… Wouldn’t that be amazing though?!?!?

      • Rita

        Yes! Have you been to India?! I’m biased as its my heritage but it is AMAZING!! I cannot wait to take my husband and see it all for the first time through his eyes!
        And yes! Mira Nair (the namesake) was going to make it and Johnny Depp was going to star but it got stuck during the writers strike… I keep hoping they will sell the rights or pick it back up!
        Ok I have to ask – what are your other favorites?! Oh, and my colorist also loves shantaram and considers anyone who has read it and loved it a soulmate:) can’t wait to tell him about you!

  • Julie

    I love option 2 – I think the color makes it seem a little less traditional and more modern. Definitely agree with Lindsay on Craigslist – one of my best friends found lots of awesome pieces for her new apt in DC on CL :)

  • Drew Martino

    The brown and green might be too traditional for my taste but I love #2. The soft color and texture makes it a little more modern & would look amazing in any living room!

  • Gupshup

    I really like number two and three. They may be a bit traditional but there is nothing wrong with that! With the right accents and pieces it could really make the room shine.

  • Nora Murphy

    I love a tufted back, check out my couch on

    Those are all gorgeous, but you’d definitely have to have the space.


  • Papery & Cakery

    Obsessed! This one by Restoration Hardware is my fave. I want to put it in an office with a bar cart and pretend I am a character in Mad Men.

  • michaela

    My faves are 1 and 2…even though they’re a bit traditional, I think mixing it with some more modern and/or vintage finds would be the perfect balance!

  • champagne picnic

    i have been pinning these couches like crazy also ! love them…



    such a classic sofa..but i prefer it in velvet!!

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