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Despite the fact that fall will always be my favorite season, the beach in winter is quite glorious. It’s so empty and quiet without the seasonal renters and at our house there’s usually a fire crackling, cozy home made meals and s’mores to follow. Heaven!

When I came across these beach scenes on Serena & Lily by Paul Norwood (they often have the best nautical artwork in their bazaar section), I suddenly felt the urge to get out there for a weekend getaway. We’ve rarely been since summer but luckily we’ve set aside a date in February to head out and tie up some wedding related odds and ends – I can’t wait! In the meantime, I’ll continue to ogle the gorgeous colors and textures in these Paul Norwoods…

one / great pond dune, two / the islands, three / higgins beach
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  • Meredith at Map and Menu

    Sarah, thank you so much for sharing this. Paul Norwood’s work is fantastic! I read that he is originally from Maine, and judging by some of his work, I’d guess that he grew up not too far from where I live now. Time to start saving for one of his pieces…

    • sarah | chevrons & stripes

      I’m so glad you love! Yes, it sounds like your place would be the PERFECT setting for one of his pieces. P.S. there are even more on Serena & Lily, you should definitely take a peek!

  • Alex

    these are awesome! they have me itching to try my hand at making my own :)

    • sarah | chevrons & stripes

      Can you make me one too?! My birthday is in May ;)

  • ncphilip

    Those are gorgeous! I especially love the second one.

    • sarah | chevrons & stripes

      That’s the one that had me most itching for a wintry beach trip!

  • Camila

    So pretty! So exciting that all of the wedding plans are coming together. Out east is beautiful in the winter. You are going to have a lovely time with such amazing scenic views. Jealous!

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