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No I’m not thinking about having kids any time soon, but I do end up admiring a lot of children’s rooms I come across mostly because I think are one of the places in your home where you can have some serious fun with decorating. I’ve always been a fan of those that feel whimsical but still have a more adult color palette and overall scheme. I absolutely love the butterfly wallpaper and yellow pagoda shaped headboard in the bedroom of Kathleen and Maurizio’s little girl. Isn’t it dreamy? I would’ve loved to live here when I was that age!

So feel free to weigh in…. Do you prefer kids’s rooms that feel more traditionally childlike or those with a more sophisticated feel to them?

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  • Hanna Seabrook

    I love an adult room for a child – especially for a little girl. Would have zero problems doing something like… haha

  • Gabrielle | Savvy Home

    Super adorable! I love that wallpaper.

  • Julie

    I love a more sophisticated room for children, too. Like Hanna said, especially for little girls. I think it’s fun to see the mix of grown-up colors and toys – it’s just so sweet.

  • Kodi

    I love grown-up spaces for kids! Maybe because it’s something I would’ve loved when I was little.

  • Aja Lake [the gold hat.]

    i love sophisticated whimsy. i’m expecting my second child in march (a little girl!) and her nursery decor was inspired by this:
    also, this room is super pretty:

  • Meredith Kulik

    LOVE that wallpaper! I grew up sleeping with a floral wall behind me and I can still remember tracing my fingers around the blooms through the slats in my headboard…

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