Tulu Textiles

With Spring (hopefully) on it’s way, I’ve been thinking about ways I can freshen up my bedroom – starting with my sheets. I love my Dwell Studio ink border duvet and shams because you can pretty much pair them with anything. Enter Tulu Textiles. I’m absolutely smitten with each and every one of their patterns. I know it’s a tough one, but which is your favorite?

P.S. Can you tell I have Morocco on the brain these days?

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  • Meghan

    wow i’m loving every space and totally feeling the Morocco vibe .

    xo Meg<3

  • Gabriella

    These spring textiles are gorgeous! I think the striped shams just might be my favorite!

  • http://www.rebeccaatwood.com/ Becca Atwood

    I love tulu textiles – especially the ones 2nd from the bottom. I think they would fit in nicely with what you have.

  • http://www.fancyfreeme.com/ Elisa Smith

    I love the florals in the first picture!

  • J MadeByGirl

    gorgeous spring prints!


  • www.traditionis.wordpress.com

    is a good inspiration…

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