Wish List

We all know I should be packing right now but seeing as that’s always the least fun part of a trip, I’ve spent nearly all day today procrastinating… And putting together a wish list!

Here are a few things I’m currently ogling. They’ve told us to pack mostly neutrals (which apparently don’t include white or black. Hmm.) so I think I’ve got ‘em on the brain – can ya tell?! And since we’re leaving our own little Safari animal Ziggy behind, I’m thinking he should be spoiled with the chic Harry Barker bed below, don’t you?


1. Wishing I had this CLASSIC Boyfriend sweatshirt to tuck into my suitcase. | 2. This yellow gold and diamond feather ring is an absolute stunner! | 3. I’m loving this Copper Sheetmetal Vase from Future Perfect. It’s at simple yet strikingly unique. | 4.  The Giacometti Leaf Lamp tops my home wish list these days. | 5. I’ve never been the biggest baseball hat gal but this is one I think I could get on board with. | 6. Hemp Safari Bed – it’s just too cute right? | 7. Liz O’Brien’s James table would be the perfect substitute for our current Parsons nightstands. | 8. I’ve long been a fan of Wayne Pate’s work and his Matisse print is no exception. I would surely smile every time I saw it! | 9. I love the shape of this woven “Volcano” basket which is just slightly different than your more run of the mill options. | 10. If you’ve yet to check out the new Loren Hope merchandise and look book, hop to it! My friends Sarah Tolzmann and Sara Kate Huff worked on it and it’s absolutely perfect. This bracelet will definitely come live with me eventually.

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  • Kate

    wrap up this whole list for me! I love the sweatshirt, and you’re right — that ring is a stunner!

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