Honeymooning in Africa

Have I mentioned that we leave for our honeymoon on Saturday morning?! I can’t believe how quickly time has flown since our wedding (and the summer in general) and that this time next week we’ll be on safari! We are doing a nice little mix of adventure (Vic Falls, Kruger, Sabi Sands, and the Kalahari Desert) and relaxation (exploring Cape Town, Franschhoek, and Stellenbosch). My main issue right now is packing. With temperatures varying between 40s in the early morning and evening to 90s midday I’m totally stumped – so if anyone out there has done a similar trip, I’d SO appreciate your recommendations!

Where did you honeymoon? Or if you’ve not gone on one, what’s your dream destination?


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  • Lauren Singer

    I can relate to this. It’s pretty hard to dress for Africa during the summer. I went to Kenya during June about 6 years ago and it’s definitely cold at night – and great during the day. You really need a wide variety of clothing. I would bring heavy socks and a sweatshirt for sleeping in (I remember being cold). During the day it’s generally beautiful out, maybe bring a fall jacket for the evenings. It’s pretty bipolar, though it might be nicer out since it’s going from winter to summer for them now. Good luck packing, sorry it’s not much help!

    • http://www.sarahledermandesignstudio.com/blog Sarah @ SLDS

      Thanks Lauren, no this really is quite helpful! I’ve packed for hot weather and I’ve packed for cold weather but never such a drastic mix. Plus we have major weight restrictions on our luggage which makes it that much tougher. Eek!

      • Lauren Singer

        Luckily when I went it was years ago, before all the luggage restrictions came into effect, so I brought tons of stuff. As everyone else said, layering is going to be the best way to go. I hope you have a great honeymoon! There’s nothing better than going on safari, it’s really just amazing. Enjoy!

  • Kate

    What an exciting honeymoon — hope you have a fabulous time!

    • http://www.sarahledermandesignstudio.com/blog Sarah @ SLDS

      Thanks Kate! Are you in the city anytime soon?! We need to catch up :)

      • Kate

        I’ll be around a bit in the fall for some weddings and work stuff — next time I’m up we should definitely get drinks! And the invite goes both ways if you’re ever up in New England ;)

  • http://bedknobsandbaubles.com/ Jessica

    I don’t have any advice, but I hope you have an incredible time! I can’t wait to read all about it!

    • http://www.sarahledermandesignstudio.com/blog Sarah @ SLDS

      Thank you Jessica!

  • http://factor124.com/wp_blog Nancy

    Sounds like such a fun trip, I am sure it will be wonderful! I went to Zambia a few years back it was such a great experience! Victoria Falls is amazingly beautiful, that is was definetly one of the best parts of my trip! Packing wise- I would say you are definetly on the right track about it getting very cold at night, I would just suggest bringing lots of layers! Hope you have a great time!

    • http://www.sarahledermandesignstudio.com/blog Sarah @ SLDS

      Oh I’m so glad to hear that. I was feeling a little bit of regret about adding Vic Falls to our itinerary since it’s such a trek but I’m glad it was one of your favorites! I hear layers are the way to go!

  • Samantha Penner

    SOOO fun! I went to Kenya in July 2 years ago and the best advice I have is layer layer layer! Light scarves were my best friend.

    • http://www.sarahledermandesignstudio.com/blog Sarah @ SLDS

      We are so excited! Do you know where you guys might want to go on your honeymoon yet?!

  • http://Www.savvyhomeblog.com/ Gabrielle | Savvy Home

    Seems like everyone is honeymooning in Africa these days and I’m just DYING to go! Have you seen Ann Street Studio’s honeymoon photos? They’re just to die for. Have the best time lovebirds :) xo

  • Elizabeth // The Now

    That will be amazing. One of my good friends went on a safari and then to the Seychelles for her honeymoon. You are going to have an amazing time. We went to Tahiti/ Bora Bora and I would go there again in a heartbeat. Have so much fun! xoxo

  • Kholisa Thomas

    I’m from South Africa and love your blog! you are going to love CT be sure to check out Miss Moss blog for her best of CT round up!

    • http://www.sarahledermandesignstudio.com/blog Sarah @ SLDS

      That was such a great tip! Thank you so much!

  • Stephanie

    Sounds amazing! So jealous!


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