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Well we are officially back from our honeymoon and back in the swing of things! Evan and I went back to work and school the morning after we got home so as you can imagine, we needed a week to catch up on sleep, emails, and our normal daily routines. Before too much time passes though I really wanted to check in and share some of our trip pictures with you!

As all people who come back from Africa seem to say, it’s truly an eye-opening trip and definitely the best one we’ve ever taken. We came back feeling like we’d met really interesting people and learned A LOT. Did you know that leopards are solitary animals? Whereas lions will travel in a pride or cheetahs in a coalition of two or more, leopards shoo away even their own young once they are old enough to hunt. Just one of the little tidbits we picked up along the way!

I got a lot of questions both here and on instagram about where we stayed. Our trip itinerary was as follows: Livingstone, Zambia → Johannesburg, South Africa → Kruger National Park, SA → Sabi Sands, SA → Cape Town, SA → Franschhoek, SA → Kalahari Desert.  Please feel free to email me if you’d like more information on hotels and restaurants as I’d be more than happy to share (or if you prefer, I’ve geotagged all of our favorite places on Instagram). We fell in love with each and every destination though they were all so different…

Have you taken any trips recently? If so where did you go?!

Of course now we’ve been bitten hard by the travel bug and have a million ideas for our next trip. Gorilla trekking in Rwanda anyone? That’s at the top of our list these days!

microlight in zambia
sociable weaver nest
simons town
cape point
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  • Alecia Zasiebida

    of course this looks like an amazing trip!!! I would love to go to Africa (and I will take you up on those tips when I do) :) The last trip I took this summer was to Palm Springs…..which I ended up absolutely loving even though it was 120 degrees out.

    xx Alecia with

    • Sarah @ SLDS

      I’ve actually been dying to go to Palm Springs. Do you mind me asking where you stayed? I’ve had my eye on The Ace, The Parker, or The Saguaro…

      • Alecia Zasiebida

        Hey Sarah! We stayed at the Parker and it was amazing! My husband and I seriously fell in love with it. I would hands down recommend it. We visited the Ace which was really nice but more laid back. Hope this helps you. xx Alecia

  • Gabi Valladares

    Your photographs are incredible! It looks like you really had some great experiences while traveling. Now I’m even more excited for my next trip!

  • Tara D

    Lovely! Feel like I’m there.

  • Kecia Beltz

    I’m a zoologist so, naturally, Africa was my all time destination goal! I tracked gorillas in Tanzania with a tour company called ecoAfrica. I couldn’t recommend the company and their trips enough. They exceeded my already high expectations! People, trips, hotels (luxury safari camps!), and food were all amazing and we saw no shortage of all animals. You could also track chimps in the mountains with the gorillas. The trip also included Uganda was was also amazing! You should check it out for your next African trip!

    • Sarah @ SLDS

      That sounds AMAZING. You’ve just fueled my travel bug x 1000000! We actually met another couple on safari who had just come off what sounded a lot like ecoAfrica – tracking the migration from Kenya to Tanzania and that zoomed straight to the top of our “MUST DO” list! Now I’ll probably spend all morning googling it and figuring out when the next time we’ll ever be able to take vacation days is, haha. Seriously though, I’m extremely envious of both your trip AND your job!

      • Kecia Beltz

        Yes, we saw the wildebeest migration as well! It was seriously the best trip ever on every level! I can’t wait to go back and, honestly, it will be hard for me to go somewhere different because that trip was so perfect I just want to repeat it!

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