I don’t even want to add up the days since my last post – it’s too shameful. But as usual I’ve continued to collect little inspirational odds and ends across the internet in the interim. Most recently, I fell in love with the landscape work of artist Robert Roth. The man sure does have a way with sunsets… And to top it off, a few items I gathered that are inspired by his lovely palette!

P.S. If you’re looking for more regular content, I’m still pinning and ‘gramming away nearly every day!

inspired by robert roth


Tivoli Model One Radio, Billy Cotton Brass Pick Up Stick Chandelier, Miguel Ases Tassel Earrings, J.Crew Shearling and Suede Satchel, Breast Cancer Support Wrap Bracelet*,  Penelope Chair, Olive Grosgrain Watch, Marbleized Lacquer Pencil Box, Metallic Star Pouch

*Note: 100% of proceeds from this bracelet go to the fight for a cure
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