As someone who majored in fine arts as an undergrad, I’ve always had an appreciation for collectors –  especially the type who have the patience to develop their art collection thoughtfully over time and not only purchase pieces for their value, but because they truly love to look at them on their walls every day. It’s definitely one of my life goals to assemble my own little curated collection one day. 

I’m constantly on the look out for new artists to add to the “someday I’ll buy one” list and in this new series, Art Advisor, I’ll be sharing with my favorite finds with you… Hope you like! 

This week I spent a lot of time looking at the work of Parisian artist Marie Thurman. There’s something completely mesmerizing about how she moves the paint around the canvas (seriously, watch this video of her technique, it’s so soothing) and her color combinations are crazy beautiful. Marie also has an equally gorgeous line of ceramics (for all you New Yorkers, it’s available at Bergdorf Goodman) that I am already scheming how I can get my hands on. Below are some of my favorites works from Marie’s site – I am absolutely smitten with all of them!


marie thurman

marie thurman 2

marie thurman 3


marie thurman dishes

marie thurman dishes 2

marie thurman dishes 3

marie thurman dishes 5

marie thurman dishes 4

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