Seeing as my flight to Paris has been delayed until tomorrow night (boo) I figured I’d take advantage of this snow day to share another of my favorite artist’s with you!

I’ve admired the work of Charleston based Teil Duncan for a couple of years now but have yet to pull the trigger on one of her uber affordable pieces because it’s that hard to choose. I first fell in love with her painterly beach scenes – how could they not put a smile on your face? On wintry days like today, I could use a cheery pop of color in my apartment to lift my spirits… Then recently I saw that Teil has been painting more nudes. I love her use of unusual color combinations and the way that she has abstracted them – bringing them to life with only a handful of blocky brushstrokes. Every collection needs a nude right? Below are a few of my favorites but be sure to head over to Teil’s website as there are dozens more to choose from!

Teil Duncan Nudesfigure study

figure study 2

take coer sun kissed folly volley

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  • Adriana Willsie Saipe

    Oh my gosh, these are STUNNING. Want. Want. Want.

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