As spring semester draws near I’ve found myself eyeing desk knick knacks t0 spruce up my work space. I finally hung my linen pinboard and my goal in 2014 is to get more work done at my desk than at the dining room table (which I completely sliced and diced while building a model during finals – learned my lesson the hard way). As silly as it is, I find that I’m always more inspired when I have good looking supplies. Is that crazy?

desk-accessoriesZig-Zag Bone Box, Note To Self Let’s Do This Calendar, Leather Pencil Cup, Bow-Embellished Pen, Cube Printed iPad Sleeve, Paintbrush Notepad, Magnetic Desk Egg, Heirloom Scissors, Dog Stickies, Striped Pencil Set, Zebrawood Speaker

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  • Alex

    I love the pattern on the ipad sleeve & that speaker looks really cool!

    do you not have a cutting mat?!

    • Sarah @ SLDS

      Oh I do. But when it slid out of place at 3 AM during an all nighter I was so tired I didn’t even notice. Edges of my table now have giant gouges!

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